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  1. AP Help

    he doesn't need skill reuse ore skill crit dmg
  2. Lightning Force NOT WORK

    If u would take the effort to read the patch notes u would know that skill was changed now is a passive skill that is always active.
  3. Macro Help Please

    Get some gear Healer Summon dmg is dogshit.
  4. Ultimate Jewelry Box

    That is only on eu server NCwest is to cheap for that.
  5. noob needs party advice

    if u have /target someone 2 times it will follow. So the macro it keeps targeting you evrie 3 seconds and thats why it's following you.
  6. noob needs party advice

    make a makro /target %party1 /delay 3 that's it
  7. That laptop is kinda weak try to update the intel wideo card driver maybe helps
  8. Tyrr GK where to exp

    This topic was started more then a year ago i think he quit already 😀
  9. Remove region selection

    That launcher is for other gams to not only Lineage and those games have servers in all regions.
  10. Prestige Pack

    Prestige Pack is working?
  11. Prestige Pack

    u need to get a code from them that u use on the website but i did not receive mine.
  12. Started a Necro

    Only mage worth playing is the Darke elf on Storms Screamer rest is weak
  13. R110 Armor Question

    Penalty for items was removed a few updates ago.

    Actually if he does RMT he is losing $$$ 😏
  15. Character creation

    Fridays u cant create new toons everyone knows that.
  16. need advice for healer gear

    what itmeans FE in your robe set?
  17. Launcher problem

    When u log in select North America maybe will help
  18. random client disconnect

    They are monitoring the servers and working on the problem. It's going to be solved shortly 🤥
  19. Impossible to Create a char

    New character creation will be temporarily unavailable. It was annunced Thursday
  20. R110 set for Tyrr Warriors ????

    I think he made up his mind he needs Heavy and was looking for confirmation and i gave the wrong answer.
  21. They got kicked from Steam because of bots and did nothing probably same thing going to happen now.
  22. lol the guy burned 150+ enchants for nothing
  23. R110 set for Tyrr Warriors ????

    @Klaudia any new farming videos lately?
  24. R110 set for Tyrr Warriors ????

    skill reuse skill power evasion vanpiric rage
  25. I'm pretty sure that the GM,s can't log in game as they wish possibly they need som sort of go ahed from managment. Corean companies are known for micromanaging everything.