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  1. Lots of players going to rage quit
  2. Pve

    skill critical chance not critical chance big difference.
  3. Enchanted shadow weapon

    Life stone yes and 3rd SA only
  4. Tevas open box Night Chest

    last time he got shafted with the second 1000 box opening so he is taking a break now
  5. U can thank me later https://youtu.be/5jA8h3dcwGI
  6. Sounds about right!
  7. dual class for feoh storm screamer

  8. Budget Build Evis Alt

    I made a test for EV the minimum gear that u need to solo there for an evi 105. Full exalted items lvl2 is not inof after 2-3 h just dies. With a +7 R99 pve fist and an additional crit dmg ring can farm nicely. I had lvl5 bufs and pom . Funny thing is that +7 pve fist has lower p.atk then exalted fist still better dmg and I have only lvl5 sa on fist.
  9. Rune Stone

    U can farm them from Balock or buy them from players
  10. Feoh storm screamer

    Use Shadow Snare and only the AOE skills its going to kill faster then all Archers combined on that level if u have absolute top gear then Archer is better.
  11. Account verification email

    Nop only you!
  12. Tyrr Titan Crit skill build

    I asume with Focus u crit more often?
  13. HAHA illegal servers lag for 2 days players leave here they start to celebrate it after 1 year
  14. Back after 4 Years. Character name (consult)

    u gott those 22 becouse on the new server the name is taken
  15. Advice for Yul GS

    If u lear those books the dualclass will benefit from it
  16. i Just started, big game problem

    U have 0 knowledge of the game but u are stating u should have more skills nice one. U are playing on live server maybe u wanted to play on clasic
  17. HEX enchant option on skills

    If i remember right there is a limit to debuffs u can't go past 50% of the mob's defences.
  18. 16th Anniversary Coins once again

    No the 14 one was way worse
  19. U can edit only for a limited time after u post it
  20. second video rip copyright
  21. Screen Shot Contest Winner Announcement

    They only have publisher right for North America i think.
  22. Need Detailed Pvp setup for dagger

    Forget PVP get yourself to 112 lvl and have 2T adena than u can come back and asc about pvp till then go full PVE
  23. New P2W item.

    Exactly what we need https://www.lineage2.com/news/maphrs-box-of-splendor?fbclid=IwAR2gMaEUoN6iRxRKRZgferyQAecq1_D4nZ2DD0gEP84AhAVaInIWoVePnMc
  24. Jeti

    Are we going to get this function? @Juji
  25. WTT Naia for Giran (Classic) Adena + Items

    Classic is getting shut down all development stoped.