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  1. Honestly, excel form is better then no form at all. We cannot set up L2wiki is just stupid excuse, basically its extra work for them to provide actualy usefull drop/spoil info.
  2. so your problem is that possible new player can catch up faster? dumbest think i've ever heard, this feature is in every game so low lvls cant lvl up faster and its plus
  3. Stop whining, if you dont like it, dont play it Classic as mentioned many times before is just a name, and NC soft can do whatever whey please with it.Expectations and zero knowledge led you all to this state where you keep on complaining on every update and change. Cant handle it? Go play on some free 1month C6 server with all you ever wanted.
  4. Since L2.wiki is totaly useless, we could create our own wiki/database for players by players. Question is how to get actual data to fill that database. I wonder if we could get those from NC soft?
  5. To zni dobre, nam se klan tak nejak rozpadl a tak ted koukam po hracich co by se pridali protoze mi prijde ze je skoda klanu na 3ti urovni s 6% XP. Muzem dat rec jestli by to pro vas bylo zajimave, nebo jen tak : pm "Pumprdlik
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