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  1. queue problems

    will raise 400 ppl in queue and they dont put more slots
  2. Loggin queue

    i dont know if some admin can read the community of live server now , but can you at least put more slot for enter? now is 300 more later will 400, it's absurd. Try be polite with the players please.
  3. if u are so low in mind to understand my message is your problem. the price 150b the players put the price, like circlet and many otthers things they put in quest, happens sometimes, stop be toxic and grow up boy
  4. Dragon shirt will be bought with adena? jewell gems(ruby, sapphire) can be obtaineable from grocery? new talisman prices? old armors will disappear? new quest for obtain adena or xp? how many accounts we can log after update? some solutions about ppl that use 3rd programs and make dissaster in aden? bestow drops from instances? rate of enchant of drops in primaveral? we need info please
  5. Are servers down?

    i can log now 23.58 gmt -3
  6. Are servers down?

    yes, happen the same with me. and my char that was online get disconected

    and free teleport and is ok, if they give free enchant weapons, enchant armors, weapons and armors free, i dont have problem they remove all the adena from server
  8. if i want play alone is my decision, i dont call the others rares because play with many friends.
  9. Letter event

    full honey beer, crystal r, mysterious ssr and bssr, lucky scroll, and nothing more.
  10. will have alien event this year?when comes the new content update?

    or they can do it simple, you get adena from farm, normal adena , like 500k.
  12. so maintenance that dont do nothing
  13. Bot don't have limits

    so talk with ncsoft