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  1. need leave in 14 client by pc, not 3. upgrade pc or check internet connection, i dont have lag from queue.
  2. ISS Hiero

    Use sword with hp, atack speed hp, use heavy, use dyes 1 con +5 , and 2 str +5, use hair accesory in str or con, in ability points use knight tree , p def, hp, elemental resistence, heavy p def, life, resist critical.. some players use robe or light +8 for skill cooldown
  3. Skill Enchants

    maybe you are talking about the superior giant codex, and superior giant codex mastery for enchant skills
  4. Who think too that we need more new instances like balok, octavis, tauti, etc. ????
  5. change varka, ketra, forge of gods, inside tower of insolence, change inside antharas lair, put all in lvl 105/107/110 inside, no matters drop, is for xp, ppl need more places for xp put more instance for drop rune stone, can change now fortuna and do it 102, can put a kamaloka 104 too... Imperial Tomb, Four sepulchers monsters do it 101 or more, put time in macros, like use 2 hours or 5 hours of macro and after dc if continue
  6. idk how many bosses are, i kilil 2 bosses inside and i dont have a lot of gear, this is easyif compare with previous i think, i was 100 in previous and never passed, now i am 104 and i pass all i think.

    this is live server, not classic, post in classic. Thanks for pointing that out, thread has been moved. -Leto
  8. I am Evicerator and i have the sam problem, my char stops hit and doesnt continue doing damage, is like i cannot raise the monster
  9. The last maintenance take off la vie jewells of adventure faction quest because have ppl that abuse of that
  10. @Juji and @Hime, this red libra don't have the option to upgrade seed talismans? i think need put 102 the adventure faction to get la vie jewells lv1, or lvl 101 in main and dual 101. and if i have r110 normal weapon/ limited weapon... cannot change weapon type in red libra?
  11. need close the launcher maybe idk, like idk why they always complicate all ... simple things nc soft... simple!!
  12. Problems Logging on.

    u play on live or in classic?
  13. and why dont show spanish en language?
  14. the new launcher in small window use all the size of my screen, need a fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. will fix some broken quests from faction adventure/fortuna?