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  1. The last maintenance take off la vie jewells of adventure faction quest because have ppl that abuse of that
  2. @Juji and @Hime, this red libra don't have the option to upgrade seed talismans? i think need put 102 the adventure faction to get la vie jewells lv1, or lvl 101 in main and dual 101. and if i have r110 normal weapon/ limited weapon... cannot change weapon type in red libra?
  3. need close the launcher maybe idk, like idk why they always complicate all ... simple things nc soft... simple!!
  4. Problems Logging on.

    u play on live or in classic?
  5. and why dont show spanish en language?
  6. the new launcher in small window use all the size of my screen, need a fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. will fix some broken quests from faction adventure/fortuna?
  8. why one gm answer me that fortuna is still aviable and i still cannot enter? they get 7 day for fix something this maintenance and nothing was fixed, if they want that all players leave , they are doing a greatest job. adventure faction is bugged, dye powder is bugged... i need spend how much for do a playable l2?
  9. @Juji and fortuna?doesnt works
  10. @Juji fix fortuna for enter please
  11. nice now Fortuna dont works anymore?
  12. give 1 free ticket bt day ncsoft
  13. and need fix the SP of ertheias when do dualclass, they cannot learn skills because sp is 0
  14. Fix too the quest of prision of darkness, a lot of ppl cannot claim. we will can log 7 accounts by pc?
  15. the problem is, they say 9 hs +/-, but in real will be like 12 hs