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  1. Loggin queue

    i dont know if some admin can read the community of live server now , but can you at least put more slot for enter? now is 300 more later will 400, it's absurd. Try be polite with the players please.
  2. queue problems

    will raise 400 ppl in queue and they dont put more slots
  3. if u are so low in mind to understand my message is your problem. the price 150b the players put the price, like circlet and many otthers things they put in quest, happens sometimes, stop be toxic and grow up boy
  4. Dragon shirt will be bought with adena? jewell gems(ruby, sapphire) can be obtaineable from grocery? new talisman prices? old armors will disappear? new quest for obtain adena or xp? how many accounts we can log after update? some solutions about ppl that use 3rd programs and make dissaster in aden? bestow drops from instances? rate of enchant of drops in primaveral? we need info please
  5. Are servers down?

    i can log now 23.58 gmt -3
  6. Are servers down?

    yes, happen the same with me. and my char that was online get disconected

    and free teleport and is ok, if they give free enchant weapons, enchant armors, weapons and armors free, i dont have problem they remove all the adena from server
  8. if i want play alone is my decision, i dont call the others rares because play with many friends.
  9. Letter event

    full honey beer, crystal r, mysterious ssr and bssr, lucky scroll, and nothing more.
  10. will have alien event this year?when comes the new content update?

    or they can do it simple, you get adena from farm, normal adena , like 500k.
  12. so maintenance that dont do nothing
  13. Bot don't have limits

    so talk with ncsoft
  14. Bot don't have limits

    when i do party with my chars, i change windows to accept party, and when i need healer to farm i leave in a macro the healer, and autobuffs the iss. use macro is bot? autobuffs is bot? if i am in my party cp and like i am leader of my friend party and i use my others 2 accounts to do party, i do party within them, and after i send comand channel is bot? use brain a little. OHH because i use 2 accounts who use 3 are bots, ohhh bots everywhere ohhh "do friends" ohhhh i see a lot of chars folowing one in parnasus ohhhh. have ppl that have more than one pc, i put healer and iss in laptop and i use fullscreen on tower, i use like that because i feel comfortable. Ofc the ppl that destroy the game doing sellings of adena they have a lot of machines, and is for that they limited 3accounts one more time, they really need try 1 limit accounts by ip, or something different, here at least in my city still have shops that u can go play games in pc, and they have lineage there too, my cp friend play from there, have player that dont have pc in home, and is a reallity.
  15. No my friend i play like 3 years here, all my things i did trying lucky enchanting armors and weapons and selling, not win a lot but i did like that in begining. i dont think i bleep "normal ppl" , i am normal ppl too, i dont log hundred chars, i dont have nasa pc. and i never left 7 accounts all day, i only used for do the instances, ofc if they leave 3 or 2 for enter i dont need ask for log 7 for do a tauti for example.
  16. I only used 7 accounts for do the instances for try to get some adenas, like balok and octavis, i think many ppl did like me, i think need leave 7 one more time, but put restriction by ip address and mac idk how works. Do a cp for epics and normal instances that gives drops dont works, game dont give a lot of drop, i think ppl that are happy for 3 limit restriction are full geared, idk, is a social game yes, but why need stay with randoms that scams the drop? or ppl that enter only for troll? where is the funny in that? if will put 3 limit clients better reduce to the instance delay time from balok, octavis, etc. So no problem. I am not antisocial, but for stay with ppl that fight between them, or stay in a dungeon like 20 mins for get a scroll modify weapon, or a blessed enchant armor , and divide in 7... is frustrated. Many ppl dont have money enought for buy gear, and the other thing if u resolve to try lucky in random boxes dont win nothing, need buy 5 times an item of 20k ncoins to win something decent to gear. at least begin to put more accesible price in store but let the ppl breate in game, give a solution, people enter to wish one day get a minimal gear to do a pvp, but need farm. Was bad yes wait like 30 minutes a queue, but is worst cannot win adena waiting someone to enter in your party for try win some adena. Try to fix the connection to 4 or 5 so at least can do with a partner or friend. And about olys i understand is banneable join olys with multiple char. The community need report the ilegal activities and the administrators need solve that. Like the adena that cursed swords gives to top clans. why dont put maximun adena 200kk?
  17. need leave in 14 client by pc, not 3. upgrade pc or check internet connection, i dont have lag from queue.
  18. ISS Hiero

    Use sword with hp, atack speed hp, use heavy, use dyes 1 con +5 , and 2 str +5, use hair accesory in str or con, in ability points use knight tree , p def, hp, elemental resistence, heavy p def, life, resist critical.. some players use robe or light +8 for skill cooldown
  19. Skill Enchants

    maybe you are talking about the superior giant codex, and superior giant codex mastery for enchant skills
  20. Who think too that we need more new instances like balok, octavis, tauti, etc. ????
  21. change varka, ketra, forge of gods, inside tower of insolence, change inside antharas lair, put all in lvl 105/107/110 inside, no matters drop, is for xp, ppl need more places for xp put more instance for drop rune stone, can change now fortuna and do it 102, can put a kamaloka 104 too... Imperial Tomb, Four sepulchers monsters do it 101 or more, put time in macros, like use 2 hours or 5 hours of macro and after dc if continue
  22. idk how many bosses are, i kilil 2 bosses inside and i dont have a lot of gear, this is easyif compare with previous i think, i was 100 in previous and never passed, now i am 104 and i pass all i think.