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  1. You are going to pay me back 2x for my prestige packs and Destiny packs from my Characters. It's not our fault that some players are taking advantage of a glitch in your game on recharge stones. it's the only way for people in this game to make Adena since y'all screwed Adena drops.
  2. CS has 2-3 sec delay. Event shirt skills and undying will has the same. You can't even mass pvp without Delay. the game is almost unplayable. Why don't you start banning all of the obvious bots in low lvl area's and free up space ingame. servers are heavy traffic everyday and that was never the case before.
  3. Why would you target nuky most of the fight?......
  4. All I hear is a bunch of wah wah from junkariya. Back in the day Nova did this and that. None of that matters anymore. The first response to the to the thread question was blaming nova for what MS is doing to the server now. That's laughable! We're not the ones killing the server and taking over the sieges from all other low lvl clans. Why would they want to build up when you just zerg them everytime. Own some responsibility for your own actions. Instead of pointing fingers at people that quit playing the game.
  5. i made a support ticket and i received my pack in 1 day
  6. exactly Draecke! they said early spring time. at this rate it will be summer time.
  7. Is there any chance we could get cloak scrolls or circlet or jewerly items in store??? Having to wait months or years to be as geared as everyone else in the game is BS imo. So far it seems it has been three xp events in a row now.....
  8. Are you kidding me? Go look at your own clan Wiener is on loop almost 24/7 at five spot SOS. same with almost every group yall have in SOS. that's why 1 person can drop your whole group. Just look at Molensa's Video. Lmfao MS crys about everything on this game.
  9. I bet they're going to wait till mid March to do this Double Xp event. Just when i'll be gone for three weeks. Same as last Holiday Double XP event. I have a good suggestion. why not do them like XP runes. So Every Player can pop them when they actually have time to play?
  10. why is the mage one so much better then the P.atk……. they get skill power and skill crit damage...… plus 5 more percent skill power...
  11. Don't you have some classic post to go cry on?
  12. Mixa I started playing this game when the cloak event was almost over. Nice try though.
  13. It would be really cool if the Devs would recycle Event items you can buy with hero coins. for instant the 10% cloak scrolls. Having to wait for these events to reroll for a year or more sucks. Or just leave the Hero coin event items in the store. Sitting with almost 10k Hero coins and nothing to buy with them is pointless.
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