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  1. Giran's population is so inflated. Skelth server for having average 500-1000 players online feels just abit less than Giran in popular farming spots. Especially in 50+ zones. All i can say is.... Bots and free boxes....
  2. Trading for +11 or more C-grade Dagger. or +8 or more C-grade Mage weapon. "Thiccbae
  3. Why do SE buffs like empower 1 and vr 1 only cost 10 fishes while prophet buff berserker spirit cost 200? isnt this abit unfair?
  4. Yes if you can get it to level 60. Then you can make serious money if you have a decent party with you to farm Anthara's lair or Tower of Insolence or Necropolis At around 55 you can make decent money too by spoiling Dustwind Gargoyle in Dragon Valley monster with a group. Or have good buffs then you can solo Enchanted valley and spoil Liele elder and Fline elder for Asofe.
  5. When i leveled up my main i avoided popular spots because i was Glad and couldnt really contest with other players/bots. Now when i am leveling a prophet solo i have to kill undead monsters and i have arrived in the infamous Execution Grounds. Dear GOD, 5-10 elemental summoners bots on each platform killing endless waves of mobs with minimum effort. Thank god i am a caster and i can atleast get some mobs. Imagine the horrors new players who don't know where they need to go see's this kind of shit. Especially if they play melee DD. Whether its in Plains of dion or Execution grounds.
  6. WTB sealed doom gloves or doom gloves L "Jasbae "Maxxiexy
  7. Need crafter with doom L 100% "Jasbae "Maxxiexy "Anuubiz
  8. *Update Dual storm is sold Shamshir*Spirit Sword +6 still avaliable for 21kk. "Anuubiz "Jasbae
  9. *Update Shamshir*Spirit Sword +6Dual Stormbringer +7 "Jasbae
  10. Or leave a msg to me here on the forums.
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