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  1. If you use no target skills, you will flag even with monsters gameplay.
  2. Most yuls with gear and level can one shot anything. As he said, he needed people to enter, nothing else
  3. Check with support. They are able to check that for you.
  4. Until 105 you can follow the quest lines and make your exalted quests. Those provide you free gear. After that it really depends on what you want to do. There's bloody gear for PVE and dark gear for PVP (R99 and R110), so you would basically need to upgrade everything (shirt, circlet, armor, weapon, brooch jewels, artifacts, agathions, RB jewels, etc). That you can only get from players or from L2 Store, hence the credit card comment. Because you need adena to buy gear to make more adena. And just farming on open field with exalted gear at 105, it's not easy to make adena.
  5. Only buying from players or from L2 Store events.
  6. In the right lower corner of your skill bar, you'll find a lock. Unlock / open it and you will be able to add macros to your auto next target.
  7. Nothing like that is being done in the video. Yes it's annoying, but it's not "ilegal".
  8. If you relog, you can check the blue system message about this. Juji also posted about that here: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/17745-known-issues-dawn-of-heroes-06262020-live/ And here: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18867-auction-house-is-broken-gm-please-help/?tab=comments#comment-128289 Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
  9. If you change race with L2 Store ticket, you change from a Human to Dark Elf, while your tank stays the same class (as a Paladin, assuming that's what you have right now). And skills and everything else stays the same. If you change your class in Red Libra (only dual class, main class can't be changed for now), you can change from Paladin to Shilen's Templar while keeping your race (you stay as a Human, assuming that's what you have right now). But yes, the skills that are not shared between both classes, will disappear, and their enchants as well.
  10. Nymphadorae


    If you enter a contract with a mentor, you always have buffs while your mentor is online, until you graduate (105).
  11. It's an event on the server. You can find here information about the last one: https://www.lineage2.com/news/red-libra-winter-event-2020 (the one we might end up having might be a bit different, but the basis is the same). According to Juji on this topic: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18511-when-is-next-red-libra-event/?tab=comments#comment-127481 probably next one will be in August or September if everything goes ok.
  12. If you wish to keep the same level, you can wait for Red Libra do change your dual class. If you don't mind going back to 85, just go to NPC Raina on Talking Island, pay the fee and you can change to whatever dual class you wish right now.
  13. Apparently Juji saying no, wasn't enough for you
  14. Since you can't get into your account on L2 wesbite, you won't be able to contact support via a ticket. Probably it's best to send them a direct email and explain the problem: support@lineage2.com
  15. I've thought about this as well, but the cubics are not buffs per se. Auto-use buffs means that if you don't have a buff on yourself, it replaces that missing buff. If you delete a Drum Melody buff from your iss buffs, it will automatically buff it again. The same happens when it's ticking down in time. You have temporary buffs from tank cubics, but they're not the same, so I don't think they can but put up to this system You can just create a macro to summon the cubics or incorporate it to your active macro and it's solved
  16. Only Hierophant has Profecy of Might. You can have your main class Iss Spectral Dancer and make a dual class Iss Hierophant.
  17. It's intended to buff your target. It's the same thing with exalted. You can buff NPCs and pretty much everything you get your target with. If it bothers you, turn it off during olympiad
  18. This is not your first round with NCWest... you managed to get away once You know how the saying goes "fool me once..."
  19. There... will... be... no... PK... drop... for... now... people... https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18769-upcoming-pk-system-changes-discussion/?page=4&tab=comments#comment-127477
  20. Maybe in a future update. At the moment, they're just stats for the homunculus and not for the char for some reason. The only stats that are for the character are the communion skills you slot machine.
  21. The difference is that she was farming in a spot no one could reach, hence avoiding being killed.
  22. I laughed "we used to do the same, but now that we're reporting, we don't do it anymore"
  23. What race are you? It literally says on the description it cannot be used on ertheia, nor it can be used if you have a Chaos Essence for main class in your inventory.
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