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  1. Weapon upgrade.

    xxPerseasxx was shouting for selling a +10 Aden cloak @Naia. I think I've seen a second shout from a different char as well. I don't know if the prices are accessible though, but try to make some shouts to check who pms you Here you have a direct comparison from weapons in AH. Overall the +12 Bloody Retributer is better (although I would make some corrections on the SAs there for extra damage). But I also agree that a +10+ Aden cloak is a must for PVE feohs nowadays. Try to check what's available (good prices, etc) and what you can upgrade now with your adena / items and what you can save for later. Good luck
  2. Servers need merge

    I couldn't explain this better myself
  3. @Juji we can't pass the server selection to log into Naia
  4. Damned these Chronos peeps So maintenance on Chronos will fix the lag that Chronos didn't have? Or will make it have the lag that Naia has, so everyone feels equal?
  5. Was this a typo too? hahaha
  6. The latency / lag is impossible on Naia... I don't know what you guys did on the 10h maintenance (on April 3rd), but yesterday's maintenance (April 10th), didn't help it all... it keeps getting worse and worse...
  7. Heroes, April 2019

    Sigel Phoenix Knight - ResistanT Sigel Hell Knight - CwO Sigel Eva's Templar - Gianina Sigel Shillien Templar - IamHSC Tyrr Duelist - HooL1GaN Tyrr Dreadnought - BobOrc Tyrr Titan - Xtec Tyrr Grand Khavatari - AH64 Tyrr Maestro - WestIce Tyrr Doombringer - Ozzy Othell Adventurer - Ghoul Othell Wind Rider - EpicSoul Othell Ghost Hunter - llllllUllllll Othell Fortune Seeker - LordSpoyl Yul Sagittarius - Argus Yul Moonlight Sentinel - Legolita Yul Ghost Sentinel - iThePatriot Yul Trickster - eXEQ7er Feoh Archmage - lPeppinio Feoh Soultaker - Sioux Feoh Mystic Muse - Semilanseata Feoh Storm Screamer - griNman Feoh Soul Hound - SfGHEorGHE01 Iss Hierophant - HolyFame Iss Sword Muse - HulkY Iss Spectral Dancer - Sindela Iss Dominator - makakaebaka Iss Doomcryer - xCayaman Wynn Arcana Lord - TsoglanoC Wynn Elemental Master - Grumpy Wynn Spectral Master - iPatriska Aeore Cardinal - lPr1nce77 Aeore Eva's Saint - 6yyyy Aeore Shillien Saint - Alyssa169 Eviscerator - OverDPS Sayha's Seer - Zinilwa _______________________________________ DragonHunters - 17 MAX - 9 HawksOfDoom - 5 MinistryofChaos - 1 GenericCrew - 1 Legends - 1 NeMeSIIS - 1 ??? - 1 _______________________________________ Original idea credited to @dUdot. I'm just trying to continue the trend
  8. Heroes, April 2019

    Not anymore
  9. With 2 full maintenances to remove the candy, it's amazing that you pick a day and time that takes away 1h30 from olys on Naia. On the last weekend of the month...
  10. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 27, 2019

    It's amazing what happens when you guys decide to log in the servers better late than never Let us know in advance before the ninja maintenance
  11. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 27, 2019

    Around 150 with the Fancy Rod (vs the 30 with the Normal Rods)
  12. @Hime @Juji Live Servers are down for the past 30 min and still nothing about that...
  13. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 27, 2019

    Servers down. Gz
  14. Info about feoh

  15. Balthus?

    There are a lot of things different in NA servers. Not having some stuff implemented is one of them (like Balthus Knight series quests, Enhanced Armors (PVE/PVP), Enhanced Jewelery (with selenite) and the list goes on).
  16. Noblesse too late?

    It's 75+, so at the moment there is no max level to take it
  17. Not that it much different before, but since Classic opened = there's zero attention to Live servers
  18. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 20, 2019

    These Exploration Packs are a permanent addition to the L2 Store? Or just during the month of March?
  19. SS BUG

    And still the GMs will blame you on your connection, don't worry After 2 months of back and forth messages with support ticket about the shots lagging every h00 and h30, I gave up. Their answers are from someone who never logged into this game... well... they never did, so it makes sense
  20. Wasting boosts

    And STILL no official message about this anywhere...
  21. Chronos Down

    Same for Naia. And no official message about this anywhere...
  22. Servers down

    And no official message about this anywhere...