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  1. grab your ankles and dont clench. they are sending it in us again.. runes cakes full boost and screwed enjoy the 2 golden dandy balls instead of 1
  2. how about when you are signed to enter . and it never ports you in and you loose 30 points. STILL NO REPLY OR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FROM JUJI..... and the GM clowns that reply have given me multiple inaccurate answers. the latest was that I was in an instance zone exping... STILL WAITING FOR A REPLY.,.,
  3. so let me get this right... we lose 1 hour of swamp .and no swords. your timing sucks let me guess we will also hold onto our ankles and get a que as well ?
  4. lets not forget the 300+ que and over an hour to log back in.. Id love some GM input
  5. "rest assured" someday they will respond.
  6. game may not be working. but gamestore is working as intended
  7. NC is going to allow you to re-use the code since they newb;d the party bonus week 1 LOL
  8. how about allowing a rebuy on erupting pack . since you do not pre proof your launches to make sure working as intended.. takes a week to fix.. LOL
  9. remember the good ol days looking forward to a PT server
  10. The players did not create wyvern's, the players did not decide where mobs are placed. That's the developers choice. As players we play the game. The game lore is based on fantasy and exploration.......................... As player's we explored and found area's that the developers made in the game. So players are now punished for enjoying the game the way the DEVELOPERS marketed it ?!!! PSA: do not explore the world of elmore. IT may be your end....
  11. if u want to play maestro as daily build and want DPS. u will need a lot of gear.
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