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  1. Banned from website

    No i send them ticker and they told me that my accounts from website blocked for ever because i did something bad to his company website .. This is omg really .
  2. Banned from website

    These guys banned from FROM WEB SITE this is ridiculous they don't explain me why they ban me and the told me that . @Juji @Hime I really need your help here . I can not understand why someone ban me for website . The only that I can not do now is to buy NC COINS and I can not understand it really . I spend my money and my time and I got this response . [moderated content]
  3. Banned from website

    No I am playing from Greece.
  4. Banned from website

    @Juji @Hime I hope see my post and help me here . I have 5 accounts here playing the last three months . Before two days i create one new account for make it a seller in town . This account auto banned the char was 1lvl i just create this account after that i tried to login with my other accounts for add nc coins and i saw that i couldnt login with the two of the five accounts in website .I send a ticker here and i asked why my first account banned and second why i can not login in website with the two of my five accounts and the response that something i really can not understand . I send ticket again and again and they told me because two off account assosiated with the first account that banned they will blocked for ever in WEBSITE . So atm i am playing in game normally and i am not able to put NC COINS into the 2 of my 5 accounts . Without any reason . I asked what i did wrong? maybe because i have 6 accounts but if i want to create one new account for make a new char i will be banned again ? This that i want from you here is to help me and i believe that a lot of ppl have the same problem with me . I do not know how can i contact with you thats why i send you here . This guys in support really can not understand why they give me this response . Iam playing normally in game but from website i am locked for ever . So i can play with my chars but i can not put Nc Coins and i can not change my password . Also if i try to create a new account what will happen? All of my accounts will be bannedagain .