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  1. Is the "baltus knight" path not implemented? Will be implemented? (for the people that doesnt know, with this new updated should be a new way to create a new character straight to level 85)
  2. Mass Dc or Only Me?

  3. Mass Dc or Only Me?

    they are merging (?)
  4. P. Critical Users

    @Truffle @dUdot hello!
  5. P. Critical Users

    What is the best buff combo that a P,Crit user could use? ATM as my Iss has not dual, I start him as doomcryer to get cryer harmony but at same time I keep COV and other 3rd skills~~ (also i have Shillien knight 100 for SoS] So; I want to know the best combo to kill raids mainly or maybe for dagger in PvP-
  6. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 25, 2018

    You have not a basic 200%. It is/work when you have vitality up... (unless you're using a rune 200%, i dont know/care) so.... the 200% we all have, will be improved to 300% vitality bonus for this event period. But will not be 200+300 = 500