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  1. I have to work 12h+/6days per week cause of this health crisis. Hope there will be any after-virus promo =D But anyway, I understand and agree with quenia about that confination could be hard. And if ncwest staff can help a little, the community will appreciate it.
  2. x2 price for the same extreme hard chances to get +17++ staff for any good profit from staffs
  3. maybe for olympiad and ninja pvp is good but for siege, party pvp and pve is shi7
  4. Actually there are few promos that should be permanent and don't mix in future events jewels+gems+elcyum+Freya ice rose + useless crap.. Cloaks, circlets should be permanent like abundance and shirts are.
  6. Instead of 'God jewels' Ncwest should launch something like artifact event to let ppl fix his currently gear (new artifacts, elcyums and other random items like lv4/5/6 gems, epic jewels/coc belt etc) God jewels will create an abyss between the top endgame and rest ( very good geared people/ good geared/ average geared) Even... the idea is bad because all know that in summer time the activity is lower
  7. Well I do not know how to express the idea, really. It's complicated from the point of view of a constant party
  8. Full party in SoS or split cp in 3 exp partys in alligator/tanor (ofc to help supports as for that you are a CP and want your mates grow up with you... because the true is that a well geared DD doesnt need a tank/healer) How much in % is the difference of 1h in each spots of a middle/good geared party like good supports DDs with 4/5 ruby (+event gems) PvE Cloaks +12 to +15 good augments top talismans/ epic jewls/belt Artifacts... stat boost like bloody runes/freyarune blablabla 3 dd + 4 support. Is is worth to spend 2h/day in sos + etina/helios or
  9. Greater jewels from event doesnt give HP bonus and BR skill
  10. possible reward from 100 coins box and daily aftern30min x5day?
  11. http://naia.kaifas.lt/ this is the one I usually check to see when server up. You can set a refresh + sound when its up
  12. CatEye00

    Fafurion othel

    +35 r110 weapons
  13. CatEye00

    Fafurion othel

  14. Broked dreams, we have to kill kain again =) 100% HP refill. Lets see if we will have enought time before kain dissapear or we can kill it
  15. OMG we just killed Kain and after 1min server crash
  16. Hi all, do anyone know if Immobilized target damage works n PvE if monsters are under stun/sare/root effect?
  17. Top Grade LS 50m each COD to iCreative Ancient kingdom LS mail price ingame
  18. https://www.lineage2.com/news/15th-anniversary-preview
  19. Nobody 106+ fish for exp, Nobody fish for rewards. This event is just to get blue&purple potions?
  20. A lot of people asking for Cloak/Circlet, even maybe waiting for Sayha Talisman but BOOM fishing event in your face . If this event is a try to help 101-104 people to hit 105 is a bad idea imho but I dont know why did they land this event with this rewards that everyone know they have super low rate to get anything good. LF Lucien's Bracelet event
  21. Is the "baltus knight" path not implemented? Will be implemented? (for the people that doesnt know, with this new updated should be a new way to create a new character straight to level 85)
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