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  1. Hello all, WTS R99 light set +9,9,8,8,8 FE 1 part blessed (12,5 b.) WTB R99 bloody light set +10 FE pm me here or in game (mail) nick: CyberCrusher
  2. I think yul, mby too feoh, all aoe range characters farm faster, today in 4 hours i make 2 archers to lvl 101 and now will be farm afk per night, so mby in 24 hours can make 103
  3. Nice work, but any news about new exalted rewards?
  4. hello to everyone, now i playing for Tyrr Dread (105) for 2 years, it is true I spent most of my time autoexp but I can't use more than 3 acc and I can't farm like before, so I have no choice but to create a new character or dualclass because farming is not as effective as before when I could use more acc, now I have to sit in the city and sell/buy and almost can not play, so think between eviscerator or yull, because I have equipment mostly light characters, I would not have so much invest in a new weapon, so I ask your recommendation, whom to choose, I would like to play mostly with iss, hea
  5. If i have finish with some toons lvl 4 exalted quest and dont have 105 lvl, i must make this quest again after update???
  6. If i see good, if finish any part of exalted and do lvl 105, i recived any honnor weapon with 300 holly attry for base char?
  7. And why change to 3 clients again, why now? Some say that if there are 3 clients, they will not be bots, which is stupid, it is the same as using more clients. if I don't want to be in the clan and play only with my friend who we kill RBs with, we need 7 clients to join and now that we can log together 6, we have a problem, compliant.
  8. Greetings to people, as you probably know, I need to make a level of 100 and 60% to 103 lvl, of course I will pay the best offer, if someone would be willing, I will, of course I have some boosts, including 200 xp runes and a new event. Any suggestions write here, thank you.
  9. I was looking forward to finally seeing a locating train, but as I wrote here, the mobs are unreasonably too strong for lvl 100+ and for 45 m xp per mob, it's just not worth it, everyone goes to farm to SV where moby are much easier and the reward is also much higher, maybe something could be done with this location, I also play tyrr 102 in medium gear. I can't imagine that even if I were giving trains of 20 mobs, I'd only get 900m xp for such a drudgery when I can go down to the Giant Cave and I would have the same number for one mob for a significantly shorter time ...:/
  10. If it were, more players would surely be there, but they never met anyone there, mobs are not easy to kill and the reward is too small xp / sp / adena, everyone prefers to stay in Silent Valey, where he gets 3 moby gets more xp than for one train (20 mobs) in selmahum and need to add that they are much faster, which everyone knows well. It's just my opinion, but I waited a lot more from this location, so it's totally useless here, like Land of Chaos or RIder Crossroads
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