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  1. I think they sell the stone of destiny in NC Store. Don't they ?
  2. Are these going to help you to BOT easier? QQ for now and almost all of your request are trash.
  3. Player that are in Field of Silence, are apearing in Crisis. I saw one, pm'd him and he answered. I told him what he is doing here standing and he answered that he is in FOS and not crisis. Then i went with another char in FOS and saw him with his party fighting to the sam spot. Actualy when he used a skill like hide or something he apeared in crisis. Now that i found your problem NC Soft, i appreciate a BIG gift from you.
  4. If everything you wrote are valid then 246 sec = 4min & 6sec
  5. Was it right when you could kill the castilia 120 ???
  6. Aeore Guard Mastery passives dont apply to char when wearing sigil. Sayha's Seer Guard Mastery passives dont apply to char when wearing sigil. Sayha's Seer Eminent Blunt Weapon mastery passived dont apply when wearing blunt weapon. Wynn's Superior Weapon Mastery passives dont aply to char when two handed blunt is equiped. .......
  7. visa and mastercard are the best classes
  8. Verification occours only when IP changes.
  9. In that case i think you have right. Maybe you can send pm or email to that player and ask him kindly to delete this 1 lvl character.
  10. Gm Sylvia gave me my Freya name back from an Naia inactive account. No problem for me.
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