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  1. leave the white herb potions for some more time please.. this patch is boring
  2. lol no i dont, just got tired of your stupid posts all the time! by the way i agree on the server merge so i hope they do it soon, merge all 4 servers together
  3. "fight"... you mean being toxic on every post? and please dont speak on behalf of the community, you dont represent me and im pretty sure there is a lot of people you dont represent either, if you quit the game then quit the forums too kid.
  4. "play l2 competitively" this guy always has me dying lol! havent you left the server time ago already? why are you everyday on the forums throwing negative comments.. grow up kid.
  5. PLUS all the people who doesnt use party matching like me.. the game is well, dont pay attention to idiots
  6. no thx, and game is fine right now its not pay2win stop crying kids
  7. different games different systems, nobody really cares about a skin / cosmetic item in lineage 2 to spend money on it but in games like csgo getting a expensive knife that looks amazing is something a lot of ppl do, havent played the others but im pretty sure its something similar. and what do you mean by "survive" lol every ilegal server has either 200 players on or they always die within 2 - 5 months.
  8. no, nobody will pay to play this..GMs should just log in DION and take a look at all the elves with summons running around, its really simple to tell who is a bot and who isnt.
  9. please make another xp/item/adena drop... it was actually GOOD and everybody liked it...
  10. double adena going back to the horrible state it was before and these idiots only worry about some tuna omg
  11. Looks like you guys dont even care about what the community says.. why you dont keep the adena drop the way it is right now? i have seen at least 100 people + saying the same thing in this forum.. i dont get it. why you cant listen to us once at least?
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