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  1. no, nobody will pay to play this..GMs should just log in DION and take a look at all the elves with summons running around, its really simple to tell who is a bot and who isnt.
  2. please make another xp/item/adena drop... it was actually GOOD and everybody liked it...
  3. double adena going back to the horrible state it was before and these idiots only worry about some tuna omg
  4. Looks like you guys dont even care about what the community says.. why you dont keep the adena drop the way it is right now? i have seen at least 100 people + saying the same thing in this forum.. i dont get it. why you cant listen to us once at least?
  5. February update patch notes???

    chill man its only 9th of february
  6. ALL SERVERS should merge into one
  7. Guys.. what happened is that during those times that the GMs said that the herbs drop rate would increase (i dont remember the times they said, sorry) they actually do increase but it seems to lower all the current xp / drop / adena rates that we already had boosted... PLEASE this is a big error guys.. fix it asap we are wasting a lot of time @Juji @Hime
  8. talking island same problem
  9. omg still not fixed?

    yes and so is the adena aswell please @Juji @Hime fix boys
  11. and so is the adena
  12. @Hime @Juji guys please take a look... adena and xp both were nerfed to half out of nowhere pls fix it guys