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  1. 2 options here Visa or Mastercard
  2. wake up guys 3 pc limit wont stop bots....dont get too excited
  3. Nah 3 per PC is not good 1 per PC plz or even 0 per pc then server will be stable and no bots
  4. Limited weapons EXCHANGE!!!

    L2 where skillz can be bought.....lol spend some more $$ and get a new limited rich guy and stop insult others...
  5. EXP ??? GM pls can check it

    i think they did nerf i remember xping faster in altar/bloody swamp
  6. R110 weapon change Attribute

    i don't know if they work... thank you for your answer though
  7. is it possible ? and if yes how ?? thank you in advance
  8. @Hime i know it is temporary but you said respawn times reduce not quantity of mobs....is this intented??
  9. I dont think that those they talk about will be with ncoins.......just wait to see what they will give us and then we can rage whine as we should.
  10. Attendance Checklist Event We are still waiting to resolve the latency as you know, but we have not forgotten about compensation and will have a special pack available in the L2 Store next week. Just be patient guys
  11. Tyrr Dreadnought slow

    all server is lagging,Devs trying to solve it
  12. Boxes for Eviscerator?

    i totally agree with you !! in my opinion Enhanced shadow fists is better weapon for lower geared ppl due to the additional bonuses they offer in order to max critical and attack speed which are crucial for melee classes,as mentioned you spend a lower amount of adena for a decent weapon and spend the rest of the adena for armor trinkets jewels tattoos etc,the major disdvantage is that you cant upgrade them more so if you want to improve further in the future you must sell them and purchase something new.But until then i recommend them for starting weapon.