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  1. Atlas earing is a reward after a mentee graduates but what happens for us we were 105+ before the new update ? is there a way to obtain it??
  2. wake up guys 3 pc limit wont stop bots....dont get too excited
  3. Nah 3 per PC is not good 1 per PC plz or even 0 per pc then server will be stable and no bots
  4. L2 where skillz can be bought.....lol spend some more $$ and get a new limited rich guy and stop insult others...
  5. i think they did nerf i remember xping faster in altar/bloody swamp
  6. i don't know if they work... thank you for your answer though
  7. is it possible ? and if yes how ?? thank you in advance
  8. @Hime i know it is temporary but you said respawn times reduce not quantity of mobs....is this intented??
  9. I dont think that those they talk about will be with ncoins.......just wait to see what they will give us and then we can rage whine as we should.
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