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  1. Tyrr Dreadnought slow

    all server is lagging,Devs trying to solve it
  2. Boxes for Eviscerator?

    i totally agree with you !! in my opinion Enhanced shadow fists is better weapon for lower geared ppl due to the additional bonuses they offer in order to max critical and attack speed which are crucial for melee classes,as mentioned you spend a lower amount of adena for a decent weapon and spend the rest of the adena for armor trinkets jewels tattoos etc,the major disdvantage is that you cant upgrade them more so if you want to improve further in the future you must sell them and purchase something new.But until then i recommend them for starting weapon.
  3. do your best,game is unplayable right now
  4. bloody vs Dark

    thank you for your answer !!!
  5. bloody vs Dark

    thanks for your answer
  6. bloody vs Dark

    thanks for your answer but that wasnt what i asked,i know that i can use pots scrolls etc to increase xp/sp gain but in top of that having pve gear will increase my xp/h or not
  7. bloody vs Dark

    thanks for your answer fyi pve armor nowdays gives 5% pve dmg
  8. bloody vs Dark

    i am sorry i didnt make clear what my question was.All i ask is that if i will xp faster with bloody armor/weapon or not.Cause if having PVE gear doesnt affect my xp/h then why bother buying it and buying pvp gear is better investment.
  9. Known Issue: Server Latency

    plz do your best !!! we already lost 7 days of our prestige!!
  10. bloody vs Dark

    Does bloody armor/weapon give you more xp/h or its pointless and not worth investing and i should go for dark armor/weap? if bloody doesnt affect the xp aqquire per hour then its pointless to buy and i will go for dark armor/weapon instead.but if that 20% pve dmg boost also affects xp/h then i will consider take bloody instead. What you guys think of it,Thanks in advance
  11. lag is back unfortunately......my prestige getting wasted
  12. so far lag issues looking good...ty Juji
  13. Hello, Thanks for contacting the Lineage II Game Support Team. Lineage II is a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) that incorporates PvPvE gameplay, meaning that Player versus Player and Player versus Environment actions are both integral parts of the overall experience. I understand that some players may wish to minimize PvP gameplay. However, please note that it can happen in PvPvE areas. Here are some suggestions on how to handle some of the PvP situations you might encounter: · Hunt in a party. There is strength in numbers! This should protect you from the lone person of the warring clan looking for an easy kill, or any PKers that might be lurking around. · Run! Use a Blessed Scroll of Escape to return to nearest town, or try to out run the aggressor. Unsolicited player versus player conflicts are considered a part of the game. It is not considered to be a violation of the Rules of Conduct or User Agreement. I hope this information will help you enjoy the PvE gameplay in Lineage II. Regards, GM Kairun NCSOFT Support Team NC says its not harassment you can PK all that you want
  14. Tyrr Titan setup - for begin

    if elemental is better than patt that means that shadow weapons are better for low budget players than bloody ones ?