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  1. Ticket answer

    I cant, because the account i submitted the ticket was locked, and that is the reason the ticket was made.
  2. Ticket answer

    Yes i checked, I got and email saying " Hello, It's been 48 hours since we responded to your ticket (Locked Accounts) and we haven't heard anything back from you. We're going to assume that this issue is solved, but if it isn't, please reply to this email or click the link below: https://support.ncsoft.com/hc/requests/23257885" But the email from Jessica (support team) I didnt got it, and i cant enter in the link above, so maybe i have a new answer from support team and didnt get it.
  3. Ticket answer

    I opened ticket #23257885. but i think im not receiving the answer, i only got the 48hours reminder.
  4. Cant log in the site

    its more than a week now,i tought it was some problem related with the conection issue one... but the problem remains, im logged in my wc atm, but cant log in site...
  5. Cant log in the site

    but why they block? forever?? I can log in game, why I cannot log in site??
  6. I cant log my WC account in the site to change password, i write login and password and nothing happens, my other accounts i can log in normally. In game I was able to log the account.