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  1. ZT, I assume they know and @Juji and the rest of NCWest don't give 2 (insert a normal persons bowel movement) how it effects us. They are employed by NCK who make all the rules and are powerless to change anything because if they speak up, then they are handed a pink slip/security walks them out the door. Until it effects NCK bottom line, we are all (insert what two loving people do, or some trick you picked up that day/night) 'd. Don't get me wrong, I am not defending NCW since if they had a backbone NC Classic would be a great game, but just stating the facts as I see it.
  2. one client signed in.. can't login on other client
  3. same... login.. 5 mins disco - said panda is said.
  4. Giran is back up... mostly... and love the message that sometimes pop-up... "there are 9.56 million users ahead of you..... " (paraphrasing the text, but the number is correct) - hehehehehhee
  5. Giran down - was DC about 15 mins ago...
  6. Its it just me/us. or is Giran crashing and forcing all to login?
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