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  1. i wasted 100$ ncoin and got....

    Cause of people like you they can at least say we milked some dumb people while we destroyed L2classic again
  2. wtf u did

    You are still wrong this is a cash cow that will backfire on them pretty hard so in the long run 3000 sheeps > 1000 sheeps and fewer every day, people are massively quitting believe me that.
  3. scam event??

    Go buy another 10k coin and try again soon all 50 people on server will have +10 and you can have a blast Shit like this should be illegal
  4. Choice is easy quit and never touch NCSoft games again
  5. Banned bot list

    They don't care about bots all they want is your money

    Blizzard made it big time and even they had some hiccups. There are companies all around that made it, even with f2p model, but these scumbags(can't be polite when I get SCAMMED) will continue with their p2w model. Goodbye, see you on Skelth or WoW Classic I'm done with NCSoft games forever
  7. You have no Guts to Quit

    It will be super easy to leave This is the first step in Fkin up the game it was fun for a few months sad it's over.
  8. It's far from being a win/win situation for them what the hell are you talking about? You underestimate how many people will quit cause of this. Many of those people myself included had multiple VIP4 accounts, I know people who had 6-9 VIP4 with runes on them. Do the math it's not that hard. Also most of these people at least the ones I play with went into this for the long run, meaning on average they would get at least 100 € per month per player which is already huge! Now they milked people for 6 months and will probably have some left, but who knows for how long, if they continue like this? WoW classic is around the corner, they shot themselves in the foot with this shit big time. You'll see in a couple of months, if not sooner. I mentioned WoW, which also had it's screw ups, but those were mostly expansions people didn't like, balance issues, removing something that people liked, stuff like that. It costs 0 compared to this "free2play" bullshit and it's the most profitable and still by far the most played mmorpg and I can see why. You know what you get and you know you won't get screwed by shit like this in a couple of months and GMs actually exist, the game is being updated/fixed, bugs are taken care of, which here is unheard of. I don't know why they do this maintenance, probably to reset the servers and make the people think they're actually doing something. These despicable b@stards lured people with f2p and "classic experience" and can't even fix shit like drop rates/adena/xp and instead of focusing on that, they went full moneygrabber mode. I'm not an oldschool l2 player, but I love mmorpgs and this game is sooo freakin' good it's unbelivable, but people who run it are the biggest imbeciles I've encountered in all my years of gaming. They have successful f2p models everywhere in almost all genres of gaming, but they said why try to do it right, let's just screw people who invested time and money. This is false advertising and it includes a lot of hours spent by people who in the end got a big F U C K YOU in their/our faces. Gludio for example has around 1k average population. That is probably max 500 live people and I'm being generous and from all different timezones. If half of these people quit, the server will truly die and just when it looked like it was becoming liver again. If you think people aren't serious about quitting you couldn't be more wrong. This is one thing people won't just eat up and forget.