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  1. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 10, 2019

    Really? Is this your comeback? What a great salesperson you must be with this attitude..
  2. Hey guys, I'm asking because it supposed to be GMT+1 but I got a penalty like this: As far as I know it's 20:03 here right now, I should not get a penalty. I tried to apply for another clan today, but canceled my application. Could that be a problem? Thanks!
  3. GMs this is what your players want!

    Exactly. I was thinking the same thing before: why do adena sellers have income and are not a threat to NCSoft? Selling adena and botting have a place here, because the adena rate is too low to bear and bots are the tools which makes adena selling profitable. Meanwhile ppl are still buying stuff from the store and getting into VIP tiers, hoping something will change and will have a better gameplay. As long as people are buying VIP stuff and try to get ahead of others with it, NCSoft will never have a reason to REALLY fight bots or adena sellers. As long as the dollars are coming in to Korea HQ, and NA fits the scheme, they won't make changes or authorize NA to make drastic customization to the current plan - which is: keep adena and drop low and let ppl struggle their way up until they are desperate enough to buy VIP. Ppl who bought adena from sellers on the start and ppl who are still buying pendants and other s**t from the store are the reason we must fight bots for our tiny little drop. Funny, you would think you are supporting change and improvement with your dollars, when you're buying anything from the store, wouldn't you?
  4. 80kk xp in two minutes on RB....

    I'm not sure that your mentality is better than his. Just sayin'. Ignorance won't make this server better (but I agree that neither would unnecessary b1tching).
  5. Issue: 'The client will be closed. Continue?'

    Also there's a workaround for ppl. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/12073-a-way-to-log-in-tuto/
  6. Praying to the Korean gods, actively pressing F5 just like we do.
  7. Login Server Will Be Unavailable For 1 Hour

    Well I got logged out and cannot log back in. So what does "minimal impact" mean?