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  1. They're back!

    Hold your horses!
  2. They're back!

    Falling Stars are back!
  3. AF Instance Bug

    If you donate moAR they will fix it for you Really.... NOT!

    Wait GMs to fix that! They will... NEVER
  5. eXEQTOR banned (no troll!) ...

    I like trash talk about DH and their pet clans, at the same time I saw this video - Find the differences!
  6. eXEQTOR banned (no troll!) ...

    Now Omen will report eXEQTOR there
  7. Lineage II - July Preview

    They don't listen and people left. Therefore they start merging servers. It's logical, isn't it? How can they be so stupid to not listen the guys who are paying to play Lineage II? At the same time to wonder why people quit...
  8. NCSoft -- What are your long term plans?

    We still don't have information about - end date
  9. Quit Time? Or addicted?

    You forgot the most important thing: Lineage II - Truly Free
  10. Error after leaving the game

    I have it too from time to time. What do you expect? It's a broken game made it by left-handed programmers.
  11. Dailies/Daily coins

    Developers become more greedy! They want you to buy these items from L2store. In order to show them who is the Boss just stop buying NCoins.
  12. NCSoft -- What are your long term plans?

    Obviously Lineage II Team don't care for our problems, only for incoming $$$. You know what to do...
  13. Orbis Mobs appear in Shrine of Loyalty

    Still not fixed! As usual people spent thousands of dollars and these m.fckrs even dont care to fix bugs in game. If I were your Boss would fire you... really
  14. Doom Wraith Sealbook

    They remove it long ago! Why?
  15. NCSoft -- What are your long term plans?

    What do you expect? Developers with IQ 60 left-handed programmers Zero marketing strategy