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  1. Transfer server

    She wrote "April" but which year? Not mentioned!
  2. typical? It's written with RED and BOLD: EXTENDED Ohhh, poor kids, your favorite game is down for 9 hrs QQ
  3. Wassup

    Take your Ability Points
  4. Option to disable PvP

    Like me? I am always there, even when I am using loopmacro
  5. Macro loop deletion

    This is the truth! I don't get worry for the guys who leave their chars and go to drink beer or fall a sleep and then crying in the forum that someone took their items. +1
  6. @Pets That is the quest for dual class Ertheia. When you finished you can choose a dual class @Raina (Talking Island Village)
  7. You are right, top tier always wanna buy NCoins from players, why? They din't buy at all (L2store), that's why! . It's a perfect commercial for the new joiners who just start playing Lineage II.
  8. You know... When they ignore ppl, ppl will ignore buying NCoins,..
  9. ty for the answer given above, especially - my question
  10. Can you make Ancient Hero Weapon Pack tradeable within the account?
  11. They can't do it! It's out of their knowledge and competence.
  12. Minimize Client

    Yes, we all got this problem. If you play @windows mode and you click - show desktop (Win+D) and do something there and later when you maximize the game window is @full screen. If you want to keep it, never click (show desktop) just open application/browser/explorer from the taskbar and switch between the windows with Alt+TAB. This is just one of many inconveniences which you will experience playing Lineage II. Their team is so Pro (IQ60 team), reaching high lvl of HTML 5