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  1. Rune Xp Stacking ?

    what he said.
  2. L2 Store ruined the game.

    bunch of sissy brats that are never satisfied, go back to what you were doing. Ungrateful brats who cry about a free to play classic server, with only soulshots and xp boosts in store, not even a single pay to win item.
  3. Limit Box

    Will it be possible to play live and classic from same account at the same time? Also quick note, you are only to be able to run 3 l2 clients total, be it live and classic combined.

    Did they forcibly make you give up your items? Did they hack your account? Why would they return your items? It is your own negligence.
  5. Drop on Death

    Dumb af. No point in arguing with someone who doesn't even bother reading what gms post. Good luck kid, you're gonna need it.
  6. Drop on Death

    Yea they did, you should learn how to read kid. If you don't like it, don't play here, no one will be catering to toddlers like yourself.
  7. Its a pre order pack only, gtfo already.
  8. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, September 19, 2018

    Lmao. Perma carpet archer who doesn't even know how to use flash is complaining. Ain't that something. You got the reactions of a turtle, we don't. Keep crying.
  9. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, September 12, 2018

    why would you want that deleted?
  10. Chronos Drama Thread

    Loyalty is a 2 way street, he more than earned it by single handedly carrying nova. Get rekt
  11. Nova Loses Aden to Box Clan of MS

    the excuses and the tears are actually bleeping delicious
  12. Typical Nova

    you pred from our party alone about 10 times, and when we were split up you came with full skills and brooch brs, killed some of us, and then as soon as your skills were down you pred. Nice propaganda.
  13. Typical Nova

    "Help us retake aden or we will KOS anyone who doesn't help"
  14. Ty for Cake MS #JustUniteTeam

    "left spot" nice pr, and you never came back. Also, at least you did something on the 5th try after dying so many times before.
  15. BAN for using CTRL button?

    Still not a bannable offense.
  16. BAN for using CTRL button?

    They're not innocent. And are being punished for a reason.
  17. BAN for using CTRL button?

    never go full retard
  18. Fafurion Update Trailer!

    RU servers are different from EU servers operated by Innova. You don't have to pay for every additional client window on the RU servers, its for every 3 windows.
  19. GM's ruining gameplay?

    Lmao, nova never pvps during the week, especially you. They got one party who is allowed to pvp (not even pvp, just gank exp parties) and the others just sit afk in town. But nice try.

    The delusion on this mental patient is real...

    I'd kick you from ms if I could...
  22. 7v7 ~ Nova & MS

    because those are the only arranged pvps they do, when asked to do a 7v7 by a stronger party with equal gear, they always refuse.
  23. 7v7 ~ Nova & MS

    pointing out the obvious and complaining are two different things. And what does this have to do with staying in MS? Be brain dead somewhere else.
  24. 7v7 ~ Nova & MS

    a party that has full lvl 6 jewels and +18-20 cloaks against a party that has ONE level 5 jewel in the party. LOL, those are the only kind of wins you can get it seems
  25. you need to just stfu, no one gives a rats ass