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  1. Its your main Not "Domi" at start Cant. Example I create 1 orc domi 10 years ago. In livindor Update give chaos esence i Select Hierprophant. And few years later I back char to Domi. But my char Start At domi. Same on Tyr Maestro. Only main can play Other clas and back to Main maestro.
  2. In firs event cloack 3o 4 years ago use 250 scrols and take +3 ? Its rare i use 16 scrols and take 2 cloacks +7. 2 times failet to +1 and after up to 7. Old old event have good chance. More ppl up to +15/+20 and sold cloacks for 250b etc and cloak +7 only cost 7/9b for aparead more. Last events are " sh1t rates"
  3. Tarti gludio. O probably you finish quest and not changed class. Check your screen aparead 1 Icon click and changed class and speak new to tarti in gludio and conitnue quest. In lvl 20/40/76/85 need click in icon and changed class
  4. West not depend of Korea. In korea more items are Free/adena o tradeable for other items in DImensional and mamon and west deleted options. West probably add update but configure option depend if they want more payment for Elcyums in boxes etc o Help ppl. West deleted Option in Fantasy isle for upgrade shirt elemental to +10 (In moment Shiny shirt are top shirt) West delete pases CC for 1kk to NPC ( Moment when CC are important instance in game ) West delete option changed dragon scrols for stone Upgrade in dimensional West deleted mamon sell jewels lvl 1 West deleted quest day
  5. And you after learn and practice this ability use 75scrols for take cloack +2 in your video? Rates are such and Rates afect on enchant. Example i have cloack +7 in 2 chars and only use 8 scrols x char 41 o 42 Luck. But i enchant in Firts Event Cloack in server . Old time events have good rates in Boxes/drops events/Enchant etc actually ? are sh1t you can try 1000 times and take nothing. Ncwest troll all ppll at moment in all events. Pay Pay for Nothing jaja GL
  6. No need die drain from aoe i test in Coals example my yull cant drain with aoe and my feoh exalted perma full drain when use 2 o 3 aoe.+ MP regen when mob dead my feoh never die. My yull box ? Use 1 aoe 10 mobs come and kill yull. SAme in pwlvl mentes last week i test new time create yull and feoh. Yull dead all the time when killing in aoe Feoh never die. Feoh up 85 to 105 in event in 24h yull 3days for die all the time and for need more hits for kill mobs. Feoh only need 2aoe and Quadruple for kill all mobs in 1 o 2 hits aoe. After check i create 10 more feoh and up in 24h for Atlas
  7. Welcome to EDIT L2West west are a custome server in Core/Korean etc you can play on Dreadnought afk whit aoe macro and cant dead. I test in others Oficial server and my dreadnough all nigh in BS/wartorn 30 ranged hit my dreadnough and damage are 0. Here mobs hit you 300/400 in Core/korean/Ru hit 16 damage. Same at Coals Mines. Here are imposible farm in lvl 99 in solo mobs kill you. In others oficial servers you can farm in solo in coals with paulina in aoe and up 3 lvls easy in 1h. NcWest are the best custome server.
  8. FEoh never Fail Aoe but no have OP ranged. Drain 100% hp when mob die OP MP regen and MP barrier + snare + stun can farm in agro areas and no dead. My yull dead in agro areas need my tank. In moment all mobs hit mee Multiple arrow failed low drain hp from aoe etc etc Yull only work Overgeared. 1/2 aoes all mobs down no time for hit you. Normal yulls o exalted cant farm normal feoh/tyr/evis can farm in solo i test old time my yull 105 in coals and dual Dreadnought 100 in coals same gear Yull dead dreadnough 100 up 3 lvls in 1 hour (event time) I use dual dreadnough weapon exalted for up al
  9. they decreased all events XD last cloack event i see videos ppl used 100 scrols and cant up to +7. I make my cloacks in firts Event cloack old time. And only use 16 scrols for up 2 to +7 At moment spend $ in events its wasted money
  10. 100b for 700$ are cracp xDD better sell ncoins and take 1T and buy Dragon weapon jaja Tevas Open 1k boxes and 0 weapons. EPIC FAIL! problem west are rates xd are 1% in events/compounds etc etc jajaja only want pay pay pay for nothing
  11. he play on yull normaly xDD he no have hands for dager and no hands for yull and use dragon weapon when kill me for killing alt clan LB xD. And i know how to work yull im yull in varka and kreta work same this aoe only need moved to position for hit all lol .Only activate options for see on screen all damages and move your toon for hit all spot. Its normal cant hit 2 spots in Varka o kreta. Have more separation for only play in 1 spot and mobs have reset when you moved. Old time in Sea of Spore when i playing in nova Hero Feoh Elldorith+ tank Hero Eleanore + 2 more tanks boxes+iss lure
  12. Yeah my chars exalted can Soloing in more areas and no need gear example i use boxes for DOne IT. Only need Dager 106 exaalted + evis 106+ Feoh 106 and my yull 110 for done IT for what ? Power of boxes. Snare Feoh + Stun AOe + Aoe debuf defens + Aoe knowdkwon etc 30% to 30% damage from Evis. Only need evis macro atk 3sec hit next target 3sec next target 3 sec critical hp in few sec. Dager Half kill + Poison zone IT Done in 15min My yull 110 Bow bloody +12 3sa jewels raid/ brooche jewels lvl 4/ set +10 etc etc cant in solo IT And i test same in all areas example for create b
  13. Imposible Exalted archer win 1 Feoh +10 armor +12 weapon. Im yull 110 have +10 dark set +12 r99 weapon/ jewels raid tauti/teza etc and cant kill 1 feoh 106 in olys with barrier on exalted. And cant tank in farm areas type tanor/fos agro mobs, and feoh only need snare + barrier for soloing in Tanor/Fos. My feoh 107 with exalted gear farm better than my yull jajaja Yeah all server are archer for only 1 reason. "Multiple arrow" can hit 300 mob/chars in 1km range but you need overgeared archer. And not easy take overgered archer. 1 char overgeared can hit 1/2/3kk damage to other diference are
  14. In core sell Rune vit 30 Days very Cheap and here dont exist ncwest can add this item and take more money. Dont undestand merchandeising items in west, Are shit. Items are very expensive and not more ppl pay. And more items not in l2store. Like EU l2store sistem.
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