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  1. I test 2/3 areas and mobs give exactly same Exp before event Exp lol where you up Xp/SP o how much you up ? 20k exp x mob? WTh! The monster levels, XP/SP rewards, and item drops have been adjusted upwards in the following zones: Target Hunting Zone Beleth's Magic Circle Desert Quarry Enchanted Valley Phantasmal Ridge Ivory Tower Crater Silent Valley Alligator Island Tanor Canyon Forest of Mirrors Field of Silence Isle of Prayer Breka's Stronghold Sel Mahum Training Grounds Plains of the Lizardmen Fields of Massacre Wasteland Dragon Valley Fafurion Temple
  2. Naaa probably here customized event. In EU are more easy than here all. In EU 8$ 500 scrols for enchant more stafs. Max enchant +20 and give top grade Dragon weapon. +15 shaya talisman/ +16 dragon claw etc etc etc in EU ppl pay 80$ take 5000 scrols and up 2/3 staf to +20 and take 2/3 dragon weapons. Probably here cost 1000 keys 80$ and take 500 scrols And they add max reward at +25 xDD wait for it and see power of changed from west in events. Same at event "Letter colectors" in EU can Trade all letters and sell in AH letters. In last event Letter Colector here cant trade any letter. Etc etc West like edit all, everytime
  3. Dragon's Breath not in pack?

    But Reality are in EU and KO stone for upgrade are in DImensional NPC for 82 dragon shirt scrol xDD cost 0 Adena cost 0$ and here ? chan chan chan! pay 1000$ for take it stone Nice!
  4. Yes yes create 1 of OP clases. All clases can play only with creation and baium soul for take max damage. 4b adena and yull need Dragon+Angel Ring 160b adena. But yes Yull are the most OP char in l2 jajajaja. Delete MP barrier In feoh for play 1 vs 1 o back my Evasion magic they deleted. For evade 8/10 magic skills same old time. UE nerfed 2 times. At moment dont work. I use UE increase 100% m defens ? have 46k m defens and recived 750k damage ? I prefer Old UE Increase M evasion +80 evade magic skills 8/10 30sec. Go create 1 yull after tell me who class are OP when you die in 1 area for no resist 2 mobs. And Feoh can tank 6 mobs for vampiric + MP barrier + MP regen.
  5. jajajajaja Feoh kill 2x faster than yull on same gear what you tell. Take 1 yull Paulina gear and take 1 feoh paulina Gear make aoe in area 85/99 and you see Feoh can kill and yull dead. (same gear yull down) No have celestial no have barrier MP and same on vampiric i test fuking vampiric. Yull drain 1/10 skills aoe. Feoh drain 7/ 10 skills more times no need barrier are suficient MP barrier. And my yull have epic jewels Tauti/trasken/tezza soul etc etc and feoh exalted gear. You tell me how work clases i have 1 of all clases lvl 107+ exalted gear and only yull full geared. And all clases kill faster than my yull. And all clases "resist ++++++ mobs" Feoh can tank 6mobs and yull max 2 mobs tank. Nice! UDs in yull long reuse 5/10 minutes. UDs and skills top in other clases cooldown are 40sec /2min ? Yes yull are OP. They Only yull OP its over geared same "Felinty etc 1 shoted" at moment the best damage i recived in PvP are from Evis. Felinty/divekio etc from yull hit me in pvp 4kk Lorekarf in dager hit me 3kk Feohs tipe Faultinyke hit me 3/4kk and Fistingtime evis hit me 19.6kk Only need go coals from my boxes for test. My yull afk die my feoh in solo take 7/8T Afk farm and dont die. Same Gear. My yull are dual dreadnough and use same gear. Yull Dead in lvl 105 inCoals from Aoe in solo and Dreadnough take 30T exp exalted weapon. And main use bloody bow But yes Yull OP. jkajajaja
  6. In SoS at moment you take 3 evis 105/106 and mob down to 1hp in 2 sec and you need in yull lvl 113 and bow +25 for kill 1 mob. But Ncsoft tell "Melee need damage compensation" and yull are Strong jajaja 2evis 105 + 1 tyr 107 for last Atk. and yo kill very fast in SoS. Yesterday i go to SoS and use my Tyr Dreadnough 107 they dont need gear. Game are Broke Ncsoft see 20 over over over geared yull and tell "yull OP" Yull need nerfed And reality all clases OP and yull cant kill need 3000T in gear for kill.
  7. 109 to 110: How Long Does It Take?

    HEre are the exactly calculate how long you take for up 110. Im 109 and i up 1/2% x day farming use Rune 200% etc but for you take exactly time i tell you. 97T are 1% i check calculate how many time you take for take 97T and multiplicate for % you need for up to 110. I farming +/- 110/190T x Day are 1to 2% x day. If you take overgeared pt for SoS and have cake etc probably you up 4/6% x day. In SoS in Nova PT i take max 250T in 2h. 2time x day 500T + you farm afk etc. But are imposible 1 "TOP pt Help you" You need suck more Balls for 1 Top Overgeared help you in farm SoS for up fast 110.
  8. Feoh are Melee ? Its New in l2 ? all time nerfing yull nice Juji team. My all boxes 106 melee exalted gear kill 2x faster to my yull full gear 109. Continue nerfing yull for 20 top Overgeared yulls in server Broke server. Rest 98% yulls cant play they die full gear in all areas. My Evis and tyr Dreadnouth kill fast in tanor in 106 my Feoh can kill fast in tanor in lvl 106 all exalted gear. My yull 109 Set +10 bow +12 bloody SA and epic jewels Die in tanor in solo in lvl 109. Nicee Job NCwest Team!
  9. Daggers

    LoL dager have OP damage only need good seting. You dont se "Drunvekio" he have more items etc but he take hero using "Insane Kelbim" LoL try you take hero in other class same gear but used Insane Kelbim bow o Frenziedtauti xDD and you never kill 1 player in olys jajaja. Probably you have bad setting. 1 dager need 30% of gear 1 yull for give 3x yull damage. Same in Evis Class are 2 strong class no need Gear for kill fast. Its normal if you play exalted gear vs char $$$$$$$$$$$ geared you lost.
  10. race change

    If you changed race, All skills and class continue same only changed your "aparence,pasive racial Skill and Base stats" Skills dont afect. You lost Skill when changed your class to other class. And yes more ppl changed Race only for aparead in top rank. Example im position 90+ on human i changed to Kamael and enter in top 15 wasted adena for me. For other pobrably good its enter in top 3 race and take Bonus.
  11. I know.MS not firts clan but other clans more have perma ban im from Shilen/freya and KsK have got perma ban more of players and they leave to EU and i play in KsK in Ramona server when they leave West. Ban to Navigatos ban to CrimsonGuard etc etc etc. Perma bans, But in chronos nothing. its the question.
  12. Are you free from punishment as a spender? Nobody forces you to pay and by donating you do not own the server to do what you want. Although you pay $ 3,000,000 for not wanting to farm for 2 years without the other 2,000 players on the server who do not pay, you would not play because I doubt that you donated $ 3,000,000 to a game with 12 players. So stop talking nonsense out of respect to all spender or non-spender players,
  13. Divekio I am sorry to tell you that you are completely wrong the game is like that and that way of playing is as valid as the others. If by chance they lowered the limit to 5 players, would it not matter if they put it on 1 player, who is perhaps new to l2? Top gear or Advanced Gear people only enter clans like that by using the skills they don't really need. 1 player with your gear for example does not need a clan and can go alone on the server killing everything he wants, proving to be the best Pvp / Pk on the server, something that Chronos has forgotten. I started on shilen server and people played like this. You could see any top clanless player killing all the best clans with siege castle or if they had dark castle giving pk to all. That the most unfortunate thing about chronos is that nobody has dark castel "All time tell My clan top pvper but 0dark castel" while in Shilen / Freya the servers have lived for 5/6 years, all castles dark pvp free for all in all areas when you see 1 clan member from castel. In chronos ? Where where ? In my clan, they usually do it when they want to kill clan people who usually wage war, they leave the clan, they go without a clan, they are killing people for 2 or 3 days, and they return to a clan that serves your idea? You're welcome little idea of l2 you have. Remember no need clan for kill your clan o other top clan. You have suficient gear for play solo and kill all solo. The real Top Pvper/pk player play without clan. Are same play in 1 clan lvl 13 and only 1 member in clan. O 1 clan lvl 5 and 0 skills only fur funy crest and only 1 member.
  14. Bla bla bla here the victim Cry cry for only 7 days ban. And its normal not recived warning at moment. Warning are depend gravity you broke rule. You broke big rule direct ban and not advicement. You broke small rules Admins warning you few times and finaly ban. But you crye for only 7 days ban. And Stop victim all use this bug and have idea can baneable for used,You just thought you were untouchable for donating thousands of $ for this reason all take risk "Im big spender ncsoft never ban me they need my money" you have luck for no have got Ban 4ever in other server you take ban and all your acounts in your IP.