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  1. I play other game with good iniciative for this(example for forest fire in Australia , destiny 2 sell some shirts pretty looks and with nice message and other problems in world), doing some events where u promote charity and all the $$ collect goes for that. Thank you ..
  2. iits too much for us , JuJIIIII , we are not koreans players !!! zones are too hard now !!!
  3. we need xp bonus in party and hunting zone to approach lv 110, otherwise we ggonna stack in lv 109 for one eternity,in spite of Sea of Spore and Swamp of Screams was a good zone to aproach lv 110 and now is 116 but what about other zones, Stakako Nest, Monasteri, Valle of Saints,,,,, nowadays we need xp party bonus to players prefer play with others ,,,, the problem is hunting zone to approach lv 110, we cant go as fast as Koreans players , NCSOFT East, North American know about that, we are not the same kind of players,............... im turning off all my rune XP and Prestige PAck because
  4. Since the removal the quest " more than meets the eye" u are not able to start the quest transformation, i just got a scroll anakim transformation pemanent and i cant learn it . Bugg or what ?? tell me plz
  5. ive deleted Xincodex file then i repair the application, Finally i run the game, PRoblem Solved !
  6. well, ive just canceled my subscription, i cant log, Thank u NCSOFT
  7. i cant log in game, same problem here,,,, I CANT LOG SINCE THE LAST MAINTENANCE , ,,,,............MY PRESTIGE PACK Y_Y
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