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  1. Mixa, Me and my clan play l2 for 16 years... we never had problem making money. Please share your expertise... how do you make money withou having tons of bots? And without spending money.
  2. Can someone from NCSoft explain to me the math you do for adena drop??? The adena drop is too low!!! You can’t pay your spirit shots! How do you expect us to pay for GK, and get enough to buy new items??? I understand you need money from L2 Store, but you can’t make the game umplayable for those who don’t wanna spend money. If you want all to spend money, don’t make a free server. this is bs
  3. AFvII


    NCSoft, please fix sleep. It should have a fast casting, and a slow cooldown. That slow casting makes the skill tottally useless... you just can’t use it on a fight or during a combat. Make the cooldown longer, so you can’t use it a lot, and make it insta casting. That’s how this skill works in all mmorg. Thanks
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