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  1. Newbie questions

    1. I've read on forum a lot of negative feedbacks about amount of bots, so i would like to check it at first. Good to know. 2. I made test char on Giran, because it's gmt+1 and i'm Pole. Also i see that's most populated server. It was a riddle for me, because i tought about starting at some more fresh server, but Giran also started in last year, am i right? Also i see a lot of new chars starting, so it's next pro. 4. Yeah, this i made this beginnig 'quest' for ss, but i almost ran out of it. I remember that in any starting location there was quest at 6lvl for shots. I don't see it here, but i tought maybe there is some other way to get free shots at beginning. Especially that i'm low on adena and i see that i will have to buy it before getting to 17lvl and quest You mentioned. Yeah, i know what do You mean, i was playing as main WC on Skelth without any box dd. Solo almost impossible, random pt doesn't exist, not enough time for cp. I'm planning to make duo craft+wc. I will play on my own speed, without rushing.
  2. Newbie questions

    First and most important question- is it worth to start playing here? I was playing on Skelth some time ago, but number of online players was killing me and i stopped. I saw online here and it's pretty nice, but i've heard that there is a lot of bots. Second question- which server is best choice for new player? Third one- is it a place for a casual player, who can play 1-3h a day (a little bit more on the weekend). Is it necessary to spent money for VIP? I don't say that i wouldn't do that, but at the beginning i want to test it for free to avoid wasting money. Fourth question- any good tips for beginner? I made 1 char for little test and i see there is no quest for newbie soulshots in orc village, or do i receive it in some other quest?