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  1. I have had EAD drop for me in Forgotten Temple and EWD in Cruma Tower. These are the only spots I have had these drop for me.
  2. they can boost everything 1000%, but until they fix the bot situation, I am not coming back to the game.
  3. After not playing for a week, decided to login today. Cruma still full of bots, so I did not feel like playing my main chars. Had some time to kill, so started a new character. Got bored after half hour and logged out. I do not know why I keep bothering with this game. I will check again in a week and probably uninstall. What is interesting is that I have leveled a lot of characters at least to level 20 and I have never seen the starting areas so empty. During my play I saw maybe two other characters. I guess I am on the right track quitting. No new players and the game is loosing current play
  4. I have had it. After spending an hour trying to find an exp spot in Cruma Tower so I can get the rest of the Glaive edges I need, I give up. Not a single room available, can't even train the bots, because I have no mobs to pull. I really like this place for exping from 40 to 50, because the drops and exp are worth it. I can't think of another hunting spot in that level range that is worth spending my SS on. I am just so tired of sacrificing my gaming experience, because NCSoft can't get a hold of the bot infested servers. I thought the ponies were bad, but these full bot trains are way worst.
  5. I am so happy I am not experiencing any of these issues. Never disconnected since it all began. I am starting to suspect it mostly involves people from outside the US.
  6. Now I understand why everyone else gave up arguing with you, lmao. I am done too.
  7. Put few levels on that dwarf. Making it level 5-6 is not that hard. I have one like that which I use to sell and buy staff on the market and never had issues with trading adena to/from it.
  8. Let's face it, pretty much the only thing happening on the servers past level 35 is raids and dailies. Not much outside of that. From what I have been told, it is good exp and not that expensive to level up. At the current drop rates, people can hardly cover their SS/BSS by exping the good old ways, let alone save up for gear. I can tell you right now, if it wasn't for the Aden daily that I do on like 8 characters, I would've probably quit. I exp the good old way by hunting mobs, as I hate these stupid raids that take half the server to kill, and I can tell you I do not make much from that. Th
  9. Maybe at higher levels, but anything up to 45 (this is my experience), dwarfs are a sink for adena with the current drop and spoil rates, at least as a first char with no gear and buffs. He will spend more on recipies and soulshots, then he will make back from them. Dwarfs are not the best DDs and are very dependent on gear and buffs. He won't have either starting in the game. I personally think a strong DD will benefit him much better to start with and level up at least to 40, which will save him on soulshots/spiritshots and can allow him to do Aden daily, which can help make some adena and i
  10. Looks like you do want them to be the same. Throughout this thread everyone has tried to tell you they are different classes, no matter how much in your mind they should have similar stats, because you think they are "counter parts". One learns sword/blunt masteries, the other dual/two hand swords. That's it, they are not the same! The BD learns dual weapon masteries with the same stats as all other dual/two handed weapon classes, like Tyrant, Destoryers, Gladiators, Dwarfs, and Warlords. SWS use a one handed weapon, so they get the same stats as the rest who use a single weapon. And if y
  11. There are no quests in L2 classic. Maybe a few at the beginning, but the higher lvl the fewer quests. Also if you plan on spoiler, please don't. I am abandoning my spoiler at lvl 40, Pretty much useless since the spoil rates are so low. Crafters are more in demand, but mostly for crafting shots and some mats. From what I have seen on TI, D and C grade, even B grade armor/weapon crafts are pretty much very cheap, and not many crafting since the mats are hard to obtain and very expensive. I tried having my crafter on market and gave up that as well. That one is also 40 and even can craft CSS. Ju
  12. Please leave BDs and SWSs alone. One thing that separates Lineage 2 from the rest of MMOs is classes' uniqueness. There is no other MMO where the races are so different with each races having so many classes that are unique to each race. Even when you compare the archers, daggers and tanks of each race, they are so different. Different play styles, different gear, different skills and so on. So again, please do not try to change the classes to be the "same".
  13. For all the players who are dc'ing and can't login, I am just curious which part of the world do you live in. I live in the US Midwest and I have not had a single disconnect, or any issues with login. I guess I am just curious to see if location relates to the issues with the servers.
  14. True, but let's face it, players who bot either to support their game play, or to lvl, are way fewer than the actual bots that made real $$ out of the game. Without the actual bots to support the botting software, the developers will abandon it, which in turn will force those players to stop botting too.
  15. Hold on, the GMs/CMs are doing their 60+ dailies now and once they are finished, they will bring the login servers on. They know if they do it now, the bots will take their spots and they won't be able to complete their dailies...
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