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  1. Why waste our time with this? All they need to do is have a GM login for an hour a day. We all know where the bots are, it is not that hard to find them. I will even point NCSoft on where to start: DeathPass, Breka's Stronghold and Gorgon Flower Garden. I was recently doing the 2nd class change quests. These places are over run by bots. It makes the class change quests so time consuming. Let's just say that between these three hunting zones, there are about 200-300 bots running around. That is like close to 10% of the logged in server population when you think about it.
  2. Spellbooks...

    I am not sure on what server you are, but DW on TI is like 18mil currently and Haste goes for about 8mil.
  3. Spellbooks...

    A lot of people think the classic version is "hardcore". There is nothing hardcore about it with all the dailies and if you consider the current drop/spoil rates hardcore, well it is not, it just stupid and it took all the fun out of the game. Used to feel good back in the day when you spent 4-5 hours and had something to show for it. So far it looks like they took all the fun stuff out of the L2 we knew back in the day and gave us this stripped down version of a once great game. The only thing that is close to the old L2 is the bots.
  4. Spellbooks...

    Are there other ways of obtaining the spellbooks past level 40 needed other then hunting and buying? I am asking because I spent few days, few hours each, in Sea of Spores and not a single spellbook drop. NADA! I am not willing to spend about 30 mil for my SK and PP books, so unless there is another way to obtain them, I am done. I have decided to put up with the bots, I know gear takes time, so I am Ok with continuing with my D grade until I can upgrade, but playing without my skills is something I am not willing to do. This game has serious shortage of spellbooks. There is got to be another way...
  5. Does it get better at lvl 40+?

    What are MAP bosses?
  6. Does it get better at lvl 40+?

    Good to hear. Took few days off and decided to continue playing for now, we will see how it goes.
  7. My characters are around level 30. At this point I am just tired of spending a lot of time daily to run around to find a good spot to exp, because most of the good spots are taken by bots. Like Forgotten Temple, which is the fastest exp from 25 to 35 for solo, but good luck finding spot in there due to bots. I am just wondering if it gets better at level 40+. Are there less bots? Are there available spots to exp, farm adena, or are they overrun by bots too? I guess I am just trying to figure out if I should suck it up and get to a better level to keep on playing, or just give up now and find something else to do.