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  1. Also cant log in game since 3 hours now, after i got dc from all acomptes. Stuck in server selection
  2. Hey guys, it will be appreciated if we can have some vitality pack promo for holidays. Also some xp rune, freya ice rose and dragon attribute potions, and maybe some free GM buffs. Thanks and happy holidays to all !
  3. If you can add a npc or L2 service in game who can unseal your shinny shirt, forghotten books, all skills enchants and evolved aghations for ppl who will like to change their main , i think many will be happy since the prices will drop on boosts and we will have many xp events. So ppl will be ok with starting a new char and keeping all their most important items, and no1 will ever ask you again about dual/main service. Thanks
  4. Nobody cry here, but ppl dont have anymore 10 years to spend in a game to reroll and remake important items. So pls if you have nothing to say just go in other topics and show your high IQ, thanks
  5. hello, +1 I remember few years ago JUJI was proposed a separation of main and dual but for many ppl this was hard to accept coz of many items that cant be traded. Since then many things changed and maybe JUJI will consider to find a solutin that can make both players and ncwest happy. My case: im wynn 105 and its not easy to play this class. With the 200% xp event all partys are made in SOS and Elven. Nobody ever ever will invite a wynn in a aoe pt and many ppl dont inv wynns even for instances. So after this server settings will end its hard to imagine how ma
  6. +++ for 200% base XP event until next update, tyvm
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