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  1. On 5/7/2020 at 7:30 AM, b0uff0s said:

    you are entitled to your opinion and if you are having fun, good for you friend.

    But let me share some thoughts.

    1st off, xp is irrelevant, it;s all about loot and gear, people do not play rpg games to get xp, they play rpgs to get loot, here there is no loot anymore, no spoil, no seed, no drops.

    People play rpgs for the content, there is none here, hitting monsters indefinitely 24/7 without hands and nothing in return is not content. there are no quests here anymore.

    People who play mmos want the social aspect of the game, as many said this is a solo game now, no actual incentive to group up.

    Lastly people play mmos  for the competitive aspect, there is no competition here, you pay absurd amounts of money you can auto win anyone who payed less.

    I've been in this game a long time, with long breaks. I've played in eras where you could compete with someone with reasonably better gear than you. been in sieges with people with c,b and a grade play all together, i did every quest in this game until 70 lvls, i was able to farm a grades by wearing b, i was able to farm s grades by wearing a, i managed to farm s80 by wearing s. I actually sent ingame tickets and GMs talk to me and showed knowledge on the game, understanding and actual skill in solving problems. 

    lastly for the person who pointed out about the patch notes mistakes and inaccuracies. @Juji you are the last region to take a patch, you have more than 6  months to prepare for new things and supposedly you should know what your region wants and what are your regions limitations in order to adjust what is to come. You have 1 month to observe how RU/EU does with a new patch because "USA No1" is the last weal to roll the update. Yet you provide patch notes maybe 24 hours before a patch, with people being confused  and berated by others for checking other regions patchnotes that ofc are inaccurate for your region. It is obvious there is no testing because of numerous bugs, you seem to find out things after the players for some reason, you seemingly lack understanding of game mechanics and have no clue what is happening in your servers. Your support team is inadequate at best. Maybe it's time you replace some team members and get a couple of competent managers is there. I would even suggest hiring some of the more knowledgeable community members, these people spend half their lifetime here anyways.      

    100% agree, Was one hell of a game. Now it's just a shadow Of long gone memory.

  2. Just now, Travis said:

    hefty compensation?????? What about the Old timers that wasted 10's of thousands of hours trying to hit A grade 2004-2009? What did we get for our time and 14 dollars a month?

    We got a slap in the face from donators flooding the game from private servers and buying top gear

    Least other games gave the Vets coins for free for being a founder

  3. On 6/30/2018 at 10:34 AM, Devoid said:

    Re Ancient Cloaks:
    You'd better introduce a hefty compensation system for those whole already have those cloaks; or alternatively just give everyone level 6 brooch and jewels as a 'revision' to how hard it is to compound jewels. Otherwise that is double standards and given the history of NA management involvement in shady deals with players, this looks like another one.

    Re Security update:
    Due to ongoing fatal issues with GG in far east, there are no official servers where you must be running GG in order to play L2. This applies to RU/EU, which never used GG, as well as NA, which did have some periods where GG was mandatory, but at the moment of speaking, it isn't. So the security update changes NOTHING regarding GG.

    And you can quote me on that, I am currently playing on Korea (incl. PTS), Taiwan and Japan without GG without any problems.

    Regarding anticheat tools, one would expect that they would get more advanced as time goes by and technologies are getting more complex/powerful, but as BattlEye shows, most anticheat developers are nothing but slackers who try to avoid any form of learning or real job. All they can come up with is "hey, this user has MS SysInternals Process Monitor! [application name] should refuse to execute! (c) Themida/WinLicense"; "hey, windows registry shows Easy File Locker is installed! [application name] should refuse to execute! (c) BattlEye" or "hey, OpenText SOCKS Client is trying to inject a DLL to facilitate internet access, let's block it so the application is permanently offline (c) BattlEye".

    There are "anticheat" tools that actually block windows task manager while a game is running. I sincerely hope this would not be case with the upcoming update, because attacking/stigmatizing random 3rd party applications while dedicated cheat developers evade detection immediately after an update is released only shows how the anticheat developers have no understanding on how Windows OS and application processes work and show that they are completely unwilling to learn anything about it.

    Because if it is, that would effectively mean needing a designated computer for playing Lineage II. I wonder how many people would even considering bothering themselves with something like that.

    hefty compensation?????? What about the Old timers that wasted 10's of thousands of hours trying to hit A grade 2004-2009? What did we get for our time and 14 dollars a month?

    We got a slap in the face from donators flooding the game from private servers and buying top gear

  4. On 5/15/2018 at 12:03 PM, Dustpag said:

    PvP at Blackbird really a nice fun, i enjoyed, At least we won pvp with this hard class and strong opponents , gf all!!! 

    3 rounds : 2 won , 1 lost , at some point over numbered but it s ok was nice



  5. 13 year vet here...I think a classic server with subscription be nice for us older folks. Might draw back a lot of the players who quit over the years because of this Ego PTW crap.

    I miss when this game was simple, Armour and weapon with experience was the only thing one needed to be a winner. After High five everything went down the toilet.