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  1. 100% agree, Was one hell of a game. Now it's just a shadow Of long gone memory.
  2. Lineage II - July Preview

    Least other games gave the Vets coins for free for being a founder
  3. Lineage II - July Preview

    hefty compensation?????? What about the Old timers that wasted 10's of thousands of hours trying to hit A grade 2004-2009? What did we get for our time and 14 dollars a month? We got a slap in the face from donators flooding the game from private servers and buying top gear
  4. Truffle is been Defeated

  5. MS vs Chronos - Rown+Truffle ~

    Battle of Visa VS mastercard
  6. Roadmap 2018

    13 year vet here...I think a classic server with subscription be nice for us older folks. Might draw back a lot of the players who quit over the years because of this Ego PTW crap. I miss when this game was simple, Armour and weapon with experience was the only thing one needed to be a winner. After High five everything went down the toilet.
  7. Heine Fishing Expedition Returns Wed, April 4

    All this stew from rewards is promoting obesity.
  8. First started on september 5th 2005 Canada Hell knight Gustin LVL 100 Quit around 20 times.