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  1. and by they you were meaning ncsoft it self. i am glad not the only one thinking bots and ncsoft are on the same team to milk even more money from hyped up failed project that been handled to 16 year olds GMs
  2. Because ncsoft and bots are on the same team to milk as many money from hyped up project as they can
  3. But devs didnt confirm rate increase why bother increasing prices now lol?) ill just pass and get it for 150a from the dwarf next to you )
  4. Sure i would gladly buy it from you if you are so generous to sell it for 130a each maybe?
  5. you were saying " 25% increase across the board will just make everything more expensive" In ru official iron ore goes for 150a and varn 200a. here we have similar prices but with reduced adena drop from what ive seen on ru official. hope you got it this time
  6. so what? it wont affect 0-40lvl players much and by B grade you will have pretty much handful of adena to buy your "expensive" mats to craft stuff...the rates right now are the same rates official ru does have. and prices there wasnt that big of a difference... cool instead of 150a io you will sell for 250a, go ahead i wont cry about it )))
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