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  1. Some help from the team

    Hide all items in warehouse, get few PKs and you will lose exp when dying.
  2. U dont need any boxes as main BD post 60 lvl. Pretty much, you need to farm until 58 lvl if you want to join fighter party or 52 if ur looking for mage one. Probably, if you have decent daily online, it wont be an issue to find a clan/cp
  3. What is the issue with the catacombs? I see them on the map, I even checked them inside but they are empty?
  4. Boxing

    Max 3 account per pc, you wont be able to open more. if you want to run 6, you need a 2nd pc
  5. Classic Server Population.

    Funny, a week ago I logged in to Skelth, party matching at 6pm had 4 players, while spots 55+ were completely empty. Skelth had population of 500-1000 a year ago, now its more like 150-250 with a below 74+ content being compeltely dead. Only players remaining, are heavy paypals that invested simply too much into their gear to quit... Giran at 1AM has 10x more players in party matching then Skelth at prime time. GL spreading ur b/s with skelth hitting 500 online:D
  6. 2nd class transfer to gladiator

    Go to giran
  7. The herb event was very good, please think about repeating it - very nice boost for aoe farming, only way legit players can catch up with army of bots
  8. NCSOFT new joke

    Had similar issue. I was afk in town in Giran, while launching private classic server l2pandora that started recently - got kciked out of the game and banned. Support told me its permanent (on 1 of the 2 accounts)
  9. Account has been locked

  10. Account has been locked

    Got the same problem, my acc got locked after afk in town
  11. BOTS in Sea of Spores

    Skleth prime time online? <100? Aden siege? 30 vs30?
  12. SPH + 2 boxes . I NEED help to decide

    SPH + EE+ SE
  13. macros question

    Hi all, I have quick questions, are macros like the ones in video allowed on the server? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHIMY7uH0yE