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  1. Well, your knowledge of the game might not be that good. I dont know what server you're in, but in my clan we got an Aden perma CH with only a 10kk bid. You can be sure that NCsoft or the staff won't do anything about your CH, as you cant actually expect for them to tell you exactly how many cm2 and what color the CH has or every other aspect of the game. But you can let them know that you would like a teleport to Hardins Academy and Giran Arena aswell. There isn't anymore farming spots in Giran area. You -cant- be seriously expecting to get teleport to Aden, Goddard o
  2. SE all the way if its only one. Would add a BD for a 2nd, but it will take a while until you get the dances.
  3. You just can't compare Aden hunting zones to the ones of Giran because while you say both are "top CH", the reality is that their zones are not equal at all, because Aden got higher lvl mobs in all of its territory and also more to offer than Giran. The only place you have in Giran is DV and I highly doubt a 1k telelport to Lair of Antharas entrance or heart would be considered fair at all, due to the time required to get there. As for Aden, you have all those available teleports because they are hunting zones of Aden, at 1k teleport each. FOM from Aden GK is 6k, while the teleport
  4. Hey there. I was wondering, are herbs in x1 HP hunting zones going to be implemented anytime? The way it is right now, it would help a lot in solo hunting, even though everyone's got a buffer/healer/recharger, the few hp/mana herbs dropping now and then would help a lot, even in the case of mages that still need to sit down both the nuker and recharger every couple minutes because of the mana issues, while fighters can just keep it up endlessly if their HP is not so compromised. It's only a question to help a little the solo farming (we all know "the way to go" is on AO
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