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  1. Mhhh All did you noticed nuky aka tempi has become a total noob iss? O_o My guess? TheRedTruffle Nukaizen
  2. http://boards.lineage2.com/showthread.php?t=294273 Here you are But you have to add the cost for cloacks circlets agathions
  3. No. All (DH) said the truth. If you can wait i'll edit with a guide made by miso before the cloacks, agathions and circlets so you will know how much you will need
  4. This is getting ridicolous. I have, 7 (SEVEN) accounts banned You have bought 7 accounts Shook foozie knows this ?
  5. Yeah was dust https://youtu.be/P19wo5ZNBLg?t=57 aka Getting a video name give em a chance and the chicken will be best DH friend haha wait https://www.facebook.com/garytvcom/videos/1613718228683419/ Disclaimer the video isn't mine. + for Dust 그것은 저그를 조직하는 데있어 말해야 만합니다 :D
  6. Well i bet you think everyone is like aizen. Ppl get beaten up badly but they stay where they are. Btw i may be wrong on this one. Dudot wasn't dustpag yelling on ts exq down ? I'll link the video Wait
  7. No. Only from l2 ncwest pack. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmTxsmK9kng It is live there since 4 months.
  8. May I ask you who will decide when this partnership will end? Let me guess Hater? haha. I don't think i could ever hate you like dudot Personally if asked, again, to help ms i won't log in. Period. What will the others do it's up to them.
  9. Fooz sorry can you get in touch with ozzy so we can send back those cheaters where they came from? Thank you. Artu or admit what happened or I'll place on nova's forum a screenshot where one of your officers complains that you will never be able to defeat nova if in public you put yourself to adore fooz. Thank you.
  10. Omen do you really want to know why i respect foto, you and the other hu? You had the opportunity to flee like the other chickens, alongside their lead .. well crackhead cheater. Did you? Ofc not. You remained in a server domininated by your very own enemy paying +50% for every item. It's not a matter of if but a matter or when there will be the merge. When there will be the merge it will be us or max. We can get rid of max on the first merge and nova on the second. We can't fight 2 enemies in the front and one in the rear. That's all. I respect zuzu, diego k
  11. Just to make everything public. You know that many do not want to help MS anymore. You know who they are. You know how they think. You know that at the first opportunity they will stab us in the back. Do not you want to risk? Let nova and max kill them untill they quit. Do not make the mistake of believing that ms now is the first ms. Zuzu, katrise, spawn, and a few others are the real ms. The rest are just RS reborn.
  12. To me there are two options missing. - Truffle's button Buy 400.000 ncoins drop them into truffle's account search in chronos giran shops what the players are buying purchase that cra p drop the adena into truffle's account. - Aizen's button purchase 4.000 ncoins purchase a random pack open the l2 ncwest forum pm conguero "can you please ignore my bought accounts like you did last month? Thank you" send an answer to aizen "sure". Although Born and pleist replies are right imho they know exactly the quarter when this game will be shutted down and they couldn't care less. So bett
  13. I couldn't care less if you are aizen or one of his lil doggie kiddo pets I said to you hire buffgirl bump los banditos in chronos. I was an incompetent. Who's aizen then? I'm saying we are fighting the wrong enemy. Everyone knows who nova are everyone knows who max are. You are underestimated as ms because no one can ever know where the zerg will move or what the zerg will do I'm trying to say this since 2 months but atm ms isn't considered a threat General George S. Patton said " the Third Army alone with very little help and with damned few casualties, could lick wh
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