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  1. Due to suspicious activity, this account has been locked. Please contact support at appeal@ncsoft.com. my e mail yuba.abel@yahoo.com banned by suspicious 3rdy program wtf?? im not use bot. please revise my issue.
  2. yeah the ncsoft dont ban thats bot but ban my acc for only i used macro key for my mouse thats hilarious.
  3. They happened whit me too i dont know but i remember l2 acused my mouse a4tech one time but wen i close it the client work normal but yesterday my three chars are locked i dont know how but i remembered the client closed no reason acusing a ilegal program past three days and closed the client s and i suspect these things for three reasons 1 for a4thec mouse configuration again 2 becouse have a driver crash wen im logged a pubg client or just some cookies in web brouser appeared. its just ridiculous becouse im will lose some play t6ime and money i invisted in these chars and il go to lose my so
  4. and i use a4thech mouse shortcut is probabily not a ilegal program just some more buttons to click in your mouse.
  5. I have already make a ticket is (23256878) how i can prove? i never use bot to reason to get banned, i just start on classic server after years of stopping in play l2 live server. There are three accounts where one is at level 34 and two at 26. Please why im banned if any ilegal program is not used, and this is very unfair because I see many bots still on the server and are never caught or delayed to be punished and I am harmed by the simple failure of the sistem part of you? why im banned and harmed if wen i can try to playng legitimate buying more than some vip accounts and losing
  6. I found the error you banned because when I was browsing in the chrome they left some cookie screens and I remembered that xingcode detected illegal programs and closed the game of l2 but that was yesterday and they blocked me only now. I urge you to remove my punishment because your anti-bot system is accusing not only illegal programs but anything that is not.
  7. Hello please unbann my char what the reason to lock if only im logged to fish?? is thee acc locked at same time.
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