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  1. Back in the old days, there was no auto-ss feature. One hotbared the ssd and constantly smash that button (i had mine f4) or keep pressed but that lagged and missed activating the ssd that hit. People were very conservative with ssd usage. That is classic. Not this bleep version of l2.
  2. You are not allowed +6 gear on non-vip toons
  3. He is perma red boy. Dlvling by death wil take you down 30-35 lvls. farming is impossible, 8-10h anywhere else if You have party to defend you. Reroll to strumf, its p2w time.
  4. You make more money when you care about the game
  5. This is gambling in a 21st century style. easy money for them now, until enough complains reach the right people.
  6. Theb why is a no weap 20 char with the pendant having more m atk then a 51 char with C weap? if so, if the 20 equips a ng m atk weap, he will basically double the 51s atk?... it makes sense for those pendats at almost max enchanting, they improve a char a lot, spcially if hes wearing top grade, whichhe prob is cause he paid somuch for the best items.
  7. Got a lvl 2 with +6 on my 1st try with 160 coins and keep it on my Pk char with 145000 karma perma red i guess... did not buy any more coins cause i gave up on this. One can make a LOT of adena through this, well its cheap per dollar spent. Guess i was wrong or you are just bad luck?:$ Will try to get more pk as time goes by though
  8. If you always told yourself “i’m a smart person”, leaving this game is the next smart move you can make. NcSoft basically selling adena now at around $1 per milion if one acts fast. $5 400coins, buy another rune and combine for lvl 2. Enchant that to +5 and i managed to sell it for 20mil. i still have 240nc coins and 20mil adena. Not 100% guaranteed but much better chances then getting a drop or VIP for drops , either way. Thats the only thing i bought in L2 and i consider it ADENA for Dollars. Thats p2w Easy adena selling. Downside was i had to wait 10min while sel
  9. The simple fact that i can swipe my credit card to get an item i can wear at lvl 20 or whatever that has P. Def 50% with 100% shield block and a 3000hp barrier with 50sec cd, and wear it to RBs lvl 21+, basically indestructable..... makes this game p2w officially ....classic. The whole stats war & economy in the game is getting sodomised.
  10. Are these pendants ng or 20+ to wear? imagine life on talking island farm , with one of those on you :))
  11. Xp is easy to get. Wtf You all bitking about? Like seriously, daily 35-45, daily 45+ freeeeeee xp n stuff. The hell is the hurry You want 75+!??? maybe focus on equipment & stop buying adena as a noob, havibg top items but sucking at playing & lvling. so many weak players.... maybe SP, or drops/mats ( but for that they have VIP), so pay up n stfu. My req would be a weekly SP quest. Really. Choose what You want at least. Ofcourse weak players want it all, for free.
  12. Noone can make money soloing unless vip 4. Giran hassle and pimping is the way to make it. Tleast for me
  13. Its free. Adena n xp is theirs to control, altiugh a bump in the SP area would be nice. Bot and unicorns and poneys infestation is & always be the #1 problem. fix that...at least partially for fuuuuuuuys sake
  14. Heavy is for noobs. Go light Doom with +e dex and use the new runes after 27th for more land rate. Lvl 3 will be the most affordable...i hope. Try to solo with a buffer, they love it. Just buffs and heals, basically do little but You farm like a beast with the mega damage. No melee class can spam damage per sec like a dagger does. Definitly not heavy and omg plz no to a shield. Unless brain needs replacing. Enjoy the evasion whena RB with poison/bleed tries to hit you for the 7hp, once and you evade. Additionally one can use some dyes for extra
  15. Play without boxes as intended. Give people a reason to play with buffers
  16. its more funny when they go and say hi to them..... Maybe its better for them to get disappointed and go waste their time somewhere else more productive; before its to late. If we are going through Hell, keep going.
  17. End of February. Wait for notes. Calm down. Have a Pepsi
  18. My gf left the room when I showed her a naked pom-pom dancing elf surrounded by 4 Unicorn Poneys .... in the game i mean
  19. I have a block list of 200+ and I keep adding the same # of blocks daily....how that does explain? We should have an ezList EN -addBlock app for this game for each server
  20. Dagger skills are to OP to 100%, most dps from all melee classes i believe, and skills have 2s cd. I would have so much fun but others would not. The problem is the Evasion & Light Armor tactic. Seeing daggers in Heavy armor + shield is ................. (let you fill this one out)
  21. theres also bot beggars in towns, askin for adena 24/7 . and no way to report them :D
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