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  1. Pavel Ruins - Country of bots

    @Juji Could you be so kind to do something?
  2. Pavel Ruins - Country of bots

    Hi GMs, If you working as GM in server, please check Pavel Ruins, there is not bot farms... country. Hundreds of bots. It seems not automacro! There is adena mine. That's why heavy this server, not real players.
  3. Herphah Faction Quest Issue

    Not working with dual class too.
  4. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, January 17, 2018

    Anyone can clarify this? " Every 16th play you will draw a Golden Card and win an item from the Golden Card Rewards." So, this is a count for character? Or I need play with 16 card in one read request? So, I read 9-10 cards for normal reward. If I read 7-8 again, I will get Golden, or I need 16 in 1 reading request?
  5. No Maintenance: December 20 & December 27

    Vitality 200% already applied at 06:30, maintenance is not dependence.