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  1. U dont need to assume anything. Open party matching -> see that at the end of the day there is around 2400-2500 ppl looked for a party in the past 24 hours - ez active count.
  2. buffing rb's is normal game mechanics?
  3. probably the best way to solve it is to contact support (open a ticket)
  4. Same, yday i got 4x cat buff on1 character but later only 1 on another
  5. mate chill a bit, someone made a mistake with double exp, but its not a reason to fire him. We just need things to be done a bit better, especially regarding things like this event. As I mentioned before, people bought runes/ took holidays/ planned probably every single day of this event, while it was switched off midweek for more then a day. Its a bit sad, please just try a bit harder not to make mistakes like this.
  6. People bought runes especially for this event, 2 of my party members took a holiday for entire week and you cancel the event midweek.... rly rly rly annoying...
  7. Same, nerfed adena and exp for me
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