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  1. Classic Server Update: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

    Please answer this question. We NEED to know if the Mysterious Soulshots are staying or not...Please GM's be fair and just answer this, it's very important information...If so, I just wasted all the ones I've saved almost . I don't want to waste my last few if they are disappearing. Please answer @Cyan@Hime@Juji. Anyone! Thanks for all your do GM's! I don't think you hear that enough, so thanks!
  2. Hello Lineage 2 Community, I am trying to see if any of the Original Members of the Alliance "Awakening - Leader Langelos" or "Empires United" have come back to play Lineage 2 Classic? I would love to Reconnect with some old friends if any of you still care about this game. This is Alpha, The Silver Ranger...I'm pretty sure I knew just about everyone! Let me know. Thanks, Jay