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  1. MS fails Zariche's defense and loses 10b

    While you busy crying here and making stupid propaganda we busy killing dragons you have failed But hey MS is dying and doesn't exist outside of Sieges oh and we just wiped your clan after dragons also poor nova lvled up the cursed weapons for nothing
  2. MS fails Zariche's defense and loses 10b

    Lol I didn't even bother to read all your cries poopy doo seems like you salty much MS outnumbers you did you forget to count FS again son? I find it funny how you always forget to count all those clans who help you I mean like really the great Renovatio couldn't summon 10 cps during sieges lol and you're saying and let me quote your stupidity " There is a reason the server is shifting, and shifting quickly" In which part are we shifting in huh? you guys dropped war which I think was funny you forgot to mention As for videos I have dozens of videos to upload I just don't upload it cause it take's too much time which I don't wanna waste I barely even upload any video at all since there's nothing to brag anymore Olympiad is too easy I mean you can cry all out that you lent your gears or whatever but you've used brooch BR on that fight which is pretty stupid to say that you didn't have gears that's why you lost with a dragon weapon stage 2 but hey Nova is the poster child for stupidity nowadays PS: Poopy and to any Renovatio who can accept war please accept the war for the love of god we getting tired of having to clean up pks after having to pk you everytime we see you out of town Know your place child you don't want us to come to your exp spot like last night and PK your whole party again Stay neutral and we'll probably not kill you "probably"
  3. MS fails Zariche's defense and loses 10b

    Lol what you expect Renovatio can't do anything by themselves in order for the to siege they needed to absorb people from clans like Crows then kick them from clan after siege. As for Dragons they are failing to kill any dragon with them alone so they had to ask the biggest alliance in NCwest Apex alliance (with 2 dragon weapons bow and slasher) to help them out. And here you see this guys pope claiming victory as if they have anything worth mentioning they have no castles, lost pvps over and over again to the point they had to drop war lol
  4. MS fails Zariche's defense and loses 10b

    What nonsense propaganda is this poop? Failing PvP Nova dropping wars to farm field RBS and macro Exp. We're PKing you guys out of town everytime we see you nowadays Failing Oly Dragon weapon Slasher stage 2 getting killed by an Iss Heirophant Fail Sieges Nova even after absorbing Crows etc,getting help from FS and TheFallen fails to get any castle in Chronos due to their incompetent leadership Fail Dragons First Clan in NCWest to kill the new dragon Fafurion killed it faster than MAX clan from Naia Nice attempt on propaganda poopy doo wish you just focus on getting better at this game than making nonsense propaganda
  5. Inter-server Olympiad

    @Juji is it possible to have this type olympiad
  6. Siege 4.28.19 - Nova PoV

    No one is scared of no one it's a game; I just enjoy adding insult to injury specially to those players who thinks they're the best just because they can spend money in this game
  7. Siege 4.28.19 - Nova PoV

    Should fix that nonsense propaganda of yours buddy The Brave people of Chronos standing up against MS thank me later
  8. Siege 4.28.19 - Nova PoV

    Lol typical Nova discrediting the others that helped them fight MS lol
  9. Who want Rune in DS from MS

    You came to this forums and declared that your clan will come to siege and shouted out and trying to give away Rune castle which is ours and pretend as if you attacking our castle is a sure win and we'll lose it. Now you're salty and your ego is hurt and you make yourself and your clan look pretty stupid with what you just did. But hey you know at least you guys tried better luck next time VNDog
  10. Who want Rune in DS from MS

    Now you look stupid making this post lol
  11. @Juji requesting for you guys to bring back this item, with the appearance of stage 2 and stage 3 dragon weapons the survivability of most players have become even way lesser and after you remove this item's availability in ncstore it's even worst so if you can kindly put it back as a normal item in ncstore just like the valiant scrolls that will be appreciated.
  12. Who want Rune in DS from MS

    MS+DH emerged victorious in defending against The Fallen Renomax zerg meanwhile the former MS member Weinerthezon was crying hard during siege that the MS+DH alliance outnumbers them which is a total but if that will help heal up his bruised ego then we'll just agree to that. And before I forgot congratulation to DH for taking aden back
  13. Heroes, May 2019

    can you make something like this for chronos
  14. Who want Rune in DS from MS


    I never was kicked out of max I left on my own you can ask muru how he offered me to join his cp and replace the item that realmayer was crying about that I "scammed" which I didn't since it was part of my cp share that was long overdue since as i've told him to prioritise gearing up the healers first (even though they don't deserve it since they barely even help in farming back then) and since I was playing tank I told him that I don't mind getting the last share. Regardless this game is just a game for me I would never stoop so low as to scam anyone or screw over anyone out of their gears people who have known me over the years can attest to that I as a player never once has given a sht about gears or shares nor I would beg nor kiss anyone's azz for gears since I'm pretty confident with my own skills that I just really don't need to rely on gears alone to beat anyone As for the videos everyone who was there witnessed it I don't think we really need a full video of how MS overpowered MAX. At the start of the siege MAX didn't even attempt to go on rune as agreed since you guys cower in fear to face MS knowing very well you'll lose so you decided to attack DH who you know that has low attendance due to timezone but then after failing couple of times you decided to focus on Rune castle of which MAX went head to head against MS without any interference but what happened was Zureil's CP fought whole MAX by themselves and MAX was overpowered by 1 cp from MS.