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    https://youtu.be/pKtX7YoPv6E Zureil didn't even have to send the rest of the clan to fight MS his cp was more than enough to fight this mediocre clan

    It is quite unfortunate that we weren't able to help DH keep their castle but regardless as per the agreement MAX vs MS without DH interruption happened one time in Rune castle and MS emerge victorious. We'd love to see MAX join again on next dime siege

    The day has come we'll be waiting at rune castle for max clan to show up as agreed clan vs clan morningstar vs max, ms will not get any help from dh or any other clan
  4. Molensa PVP 4/20/2019

    https://youtu.be/CMDUdLrMLSw Unedited version lol molensa nice editing
  5. Chronos Castle seige

    Lol I'm not playing this game to earn people's respect I give 0 crap about anyone who is not part of MS. Switching my name to Flashed is just a troll to make Nova cry and to show that Nova does report and like I've said you guys did all the QQs to make sure that I was forced renamed And trolls/trashtalk in today's L2 is not toxic if you guys think its toxic you're playing the wrong game go and try Dota 2 or CS:GO and see what true toxicity is lol carebears. "You said you want pvp but do nothing to encourage it" what do you mean by this stupid comment should we hold hands with Nova so that they stopped being scared to PvP? Stop bringing the past as excuse for your incompetence as a clan, nobody cares what MS was what MS did back then what everyone cares is the current situation which is MS kicked Nova out of Aden beat them so bad they are too scared to PvP again. And lastly who said we're bored we've got lots of clans to fight since we've waged an all out war on everyone in chronos stop acting as if Nova still matters cause reality check you guys don't matter at all you have nothing to bring to the table. We've beaten Nova taken their castles taken their will to fight back we're moving on REST IN PEACE PS: I forgot to add that one of the reason of me using Flashed is so you guys can tell him that there's this guy in Chronos who "stole" his name and maybe he'll come back to help you guys I would personally love to beat a Nova led by the "legendary" Hitcha now that there's no more scripts
  6. Chronos Castle seige

    THIS. So this thread is worthless if you guys wanna see MS fail work for it crying about it will not get you anywhere we've worked hard to get to the top and here you guys writing in forums begging us to let you guys be most of those who we are fighting now in Chronos are the same clans who either went against us or helped Nova at some point either way we never forced them of that choice but rather it's their own decision and when you make a decision you gotta live with its repercussion. Bottomline don't cry about MS killing the server cause we just don't care outside of MS everyone is fair game and we won't hesitate of fighting everyone in Chronos. Don't compare us to the former Chronos top dog Renovatio who after ascending to the throne befriends everyone in Chronos we don't work that way it's either you're in MS or you're against us
  7. Chronos Castle seige

    Let's not be hypocrites here those who fights MS if they are switched position with MS do you think they would be humble about it? Nope don't think so you can easily how this players trash talks let me give an example Apex alliance who mostly farm dragons nowadays everytime they try to get a dragon all they say is Gz MS or whatever this alone accomplishing something so irrelevant such as Dragons wherein it's all about camping for long days which mostly at least outside of Apex alliance nobody in Chronos has the time for and yet they are acting all high and mighty already.I myself gets trashtalked a lot time and time again I'm being told by our competition that I'm a terrible player but hey it doesn't bother me one bit but rather I love it when people tells me that I'm horrible it makes beating them sweeter Bottomline if a player can't handle a mere trash talk that person should consider playing a single player game and not an online mmorpg since no matter where you go there's always going to be competition, there's always gonna be trashtalks
  8. So next month will be the next update?
  9. Chronos Castle seige

    No need to drop wars let's do 7v7 in coli if renovatio doesn't want to start the war lol you wrote too many sht but I'll just bring up one which is us afraid to 7v7 if peppiino is around quite a bit confused on this one coz I remember nova was the one who doesn't wanna 7v7 if truffle is around can't blame you he's op but for peppiino we have fought plenty of 7v7 with him on the party win some lose some but hey that's how the game is

    MAX??? http://www.reactiongifs.com/r/wth.gif
  11. Chronos Castle seige

    Sweet baby jesus the worst yul besides doomcaster calling me junk like really son with how bad you are in this game you're not qualified to call anyone junk much less call me one like the difference between you and me in skills is so vast you look like an infant to me lmao. Anyways sometimes I'm not sure if Nova's recruitment policies nowadays includes to be able to speak and understand english. Cause I tried to read what katrise said and I didn't see any part wherein he is blaming Nova for what MS is doing. I mean he just literally said "And we also decided right then that anyone who helps nova on seige or dragons they was a target also" And I swear did you even think before you wrote your statement here? "Taking over the sieges from all the other low lvl clans" and "Why would they want to build up when you just zerg them everytime" hmmm ok let's see and dissect on how stupid this statement is. Last sieges MS is running with a CC of 10 parties with at least 3-4 parties being broken and we're fighting the following alliances. Bandidos Alliance Losbandidos = 1 Lindvior crossbow stage 1 (approx. 5-6 parties) FS = No dragon weapon (approx 3-4 parties) Crows Alliance Crows = No dragon weapon (approx 2-3 parties) OG = No dragon weapon (approx 2-4 parties) P1ratas = No dragon weapon (approx 2-3 parties) Apex Alliance Sunshine = 1 Valakas bow stage 1 and 1 Valakas Slasher stage 1 (approx 6-8 parties) Core = No dragon weapon (approx 1-2 parties?) DarknessReborn = No dragon weapon (1-2 party?) From this lists you can easily see how badly thought of this guy's statement is not to mention if you really read closely on this thread the first one who really cried was a member of Renovatio lol. My honest advice to you texas is instead of wasting your time trashtalking in forums,discord and in game focus on getting better in the game if you think that after you spent thousands of $$$ in this game you'll be a top player you're heavily mistaken chump PS: As you guys can see from those lists there's one certain alliance in Chronos that are not listed there and that's Nova alliances I do wonder why the supposedly legendary Renovatio Clan stopped sieging? But hey at least their forum warriors are active in forums and in discord
  12. Chronos Castle seige

  13. Chronos Castle seige

    "Try to respect all the people first" lol my respect isn't demanded it's earned. Lol you guys been lying through your teeth that you start to believe your own lies I mean come on antigame strategy of detagging low players lol like really? Nova does it back then when they are tagging members of NFC to Nova during sieges so Nova is allowed to tag up members of NFC and yet we're not allowed to tag up members of PvE clan to MS during siege? how come? Zerg? Son you've been late to the party all of Novas supposedly wins rooted from Zerg. but hey if Nova starts to lose when other clan zerg them it's now illegal and anti-game. I mean come on this excuses shows how incompetent Renovatio's leadership is like seriously having a member of this clan cry about zerg and the reason as to why they stop pvping is a joke of itself. How incompetent can Renovatio's leadership is that they can't even recruit and make a zerg of themselves instead of crying their hearts out that they're being bullies by the toxic MS lol. Flaming and trolling has been part of L2 since forever Nova crying about it showed how the leftovers from their clan are just bunch of snowflakes in any case no point to even further humiliate a dead clan. Rest in Peace

  15. Chronos Castle seige

    Bringing up this nonsense makes what you posted looks pretty stupid considering you are from Nova who let's see right now not only doesn't pvp doesn't siege but dropped everything (wars and their balls). I was one of the players who detagged back then cause fighting Nova during the exp event its pretty pointless your clan have this kind of tactic we exp, your clan ganks we die, we regroup and make a pvp pt then when we see nova again your clan prs stays in town go afk and declare it a win without fighting our pvp pts then after awhile of waiting we set up exp pts again your clan goes back to ganking again I mean I love pvp and all and I never ever bow down to anyone but hey my time is precious. Btw if you notice I always say your clan cause I've never seen you in any party with those who even fight from Nova lol even on our arrange pvps with Nova you aren't included but here you are another forum warrior claiming how badass you are by bringing up a "challenge". Sad reality you're in no position to challenge anyone your clan gave up plain and simple just sit back in the corner and let us big boys run the show. As for the OP of this thread we want "WORLD DOMINATION"