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  1. NOVA took RUNE

    UPDATE: MS took it back
  2. NOVA took RUNE

    https://nova4life.net/forum/public-area/recruitment/39865-rufflez-app trying to gather up some +++ votes from Nova eeeeeeeeeee I'll give +++++ for your app too
  3. Dimensional Siege

    At least 90% of current players playing this game has spent money on this game it may be as little as couple of bucks per month through prestige packs or thousands of $$$ through events doesn't change the fact that people spent money in this game and will continue to spend so why shouldn't we enjoy the most out of it and reap off benefits from it as it is right now the game is on a state of crisis wherein the lack there off "PvP" action is causing tons of players to move on to another much better alternative. This post is not a cry since first off I'm no clan leader nor the clan I'm in suffers activity problems when it comes to Dime siege also we currently have multiple dragon weapons at our disposal and will continue to make more with or without dragon claws becoming a reward in dime siege. But rather this post believe it or not is for at least for the majority of the players (since not everyone plays this game for the PvP) interest so that everyone remains motivated to achieve the goal of competing at the highest level because of the perks their clan will reap out of it and all those long hours/days of grinding/exping,opening your wallets for exp boost/events and other stuff will not be all for naught.
  4. Dimensional Siege

    Post directed to @Juji As you probably have noticed the amount of activity surrounding dimensional siege has been at an all time low for awhile now. Dimensional Siege back then has been a place wherein top clans on every server compete to showcase whose the best of the best but as it is right now certain "Top clans" that I wouldn't name has been avoiding showing up. Perhaps one of the reasons of them not showing are the following: -Dimensional Siege time - as it is the time for dimensional siege is only good for NA players but as activity shows NA players alone can't sustain the activity a good siege needs thus relocating the time that will be good for both NA/EU players would be a welcome adjustment for everyone. -Castle Rewards - back then each of the top castle owners (Rune/Aden) were given prestigious reward worthy of such accomplishment like Dark Amaranthine/Dark Eternal Stones but those items value has diminished already thanks to your "Events". So as a solution readjusting and putting much better rewards for castle owners will bring life to the dimensional siege server and will entice every "Top Clan" to take part of such event. (Oh and as an example of it is to put dragon claws as a reward)
  5. @Juji any news as to whether you guys are planning to fix the lingering problems in regards to drop rates and the fact that outside of ncstore there's no way an ordinary player can gear up to be at least be able to not become 1 shot in the instance and new areas above 101+. This issue doesn't really concern me but it would be a nice change of pace to see new faces and old faces coming back to play the game since there will be an alternative way for them to gear up.
  6. MorningStar STRONGER THAN GOD ?

  7. Dim siege and the big boy !

    MAX still fears MS as usual doubt they will show up anytime soon probably once their clanleader finishes the stage 3 bow he'll grow a pair
  8. Future Events; The Servers in General

    meanwhile back at ncsoft https://media.giphy.com/media/SXYGgH8nPZxYc/giphy.gif
  9. Holiday Battle Tournament

  10. Heroes, November 2018

    + for this

    https://imgur.com/a/6zIIKs3 GirlScouts smashed you 1v1 sad day
  12. NOVA took RUNE

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqGn3lehVx4 lmao gz to nova took them 3 months + to finally take rune from our box clan such a great deal of accomplishment for our nova friends it makes me tear up
  13. Sunday Smashday with Renovatio!

    https://youtu.be/QqGn3lehVx4 MorningStar [Chronos] Recruiting 104+ Active 104+ PvP CPs/103+ PvE CPS supports mail Jinkariya for more info
  14. November 2018 Preview

    shirt is fine but the enchant rate/pack price is a huge slap on the face of players not that I care off since I haven't bought any ncoin for a very long time now