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  1. where do I buy these items? scoured the intenet and seen few things, L coin shop, few merchants. see peeps selling them and wondered how to get them without paying what I see players selling em for? one place said under the map to find the store???
  2. are toy referring to xp scrolls from the daly quests? the ones at this level are rough to get. at fom in a hour I only found 1 earth guardian. not sure how they spawn and thanx
  3. wanted to ask. on classic version is there a way to reset skills? have way to many unneeded ones now. i'm level 49. tried talking to class npc. no luck.
  4. I finished this quest at 39. hit 40 and talked to most every npc in all 3 ests and stil cant find the right npc to become a gladiator who/where is he?
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