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  1. Catacombs and Necropolis would be a way better addition though ...
  2. Lots of players leaving

    Dude this is what I read from your post, you've accepted the given state of things and people whining about the topic should stop. So that's the hardcore grind experience you were looking for? Or are there bot free places on the server you found? Anyway, there doesn't seem to be any other way of potentially influencing NC than crying on the forums. Bot reporting through support or with the 'magic stress release button' is clearly not doing the trick. So I don't understand why the topic should be closed if there is nobody from NC joining the discussion so far
  3. Lots of players leaving

    So you conclude that botting can be ignored cause it's present on other servers too. And that development of security measures is hard cause it requires extensive testing and therefore NC shouldn't bother And you really want to close the topic with that?
  4. Lots of players leaving

    Maybe the amount of bots is just needed to provide the ultimate hardcore grind experience? I mean, how much harder can it be to grind your way up if there's nothing to grind on?
  5. Lots of players leaving

    "People are leaving" was to draw NC attention (it's a silly idea ofc, who reads the forums being as understaffed as they are). Regardless - I think the use of bots is reaching beyond ridiculous levels lately, if you don't believe it just make an alt and go through the starting locations.
  6. Lots of players leaving

    Nobody cares guys, The bots are often set on paid accounts it seems as the overturn is greater with bonuses. Since this is direct money (or indirect by presenting fake traffic to stakeholders) NC team wins with or without bots It shouldn't be so hard to tighten the security in 2019, just go to the bot providers and reverse engineer their code. But hey ... what do we know After a PK run through Partisan's yesterday I've counted about 30 corpses being still down after 2 hours. What happened to them? Did they get too upset to play? Don't think so.
  7. Hi everyone, I'd like to exchange my Winged Spear +10 (147 P. Atk and +3% Soulshot damage) for +10 Tarbar or equivalent. + Adena from me Mail to Thuglin in game or respond on forum.