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  1. Fatal Counter? srsly?

    well sry anchor did exist. sry that was a retarded skill too ^^
  2. okay so you basically gave curse death link to those phantom Rangers at lvl 59. This is definately the most retarded thing ive ever seen. Whenever i PvP against Phantom rangers i just get one shotted here and there for like 6 k. as soon as i hit them down at like half hp ...boom dead. and they are also able to exp with that because the reuse time is like a few seconds???? is it really supposed to be like that or is it getting nerfed or something?. so Hawkeye and Silver Ranger is pretty much useless in this "wannabe Classic" Server right. Man i remember the good old L2 Days when Win Skills like that didnt exist ...you cant compare this sht to the Original Classic Server back then tbh. this is sad. plz tell me more info if its going to be nerfed. i would have played a Phantom ranger if i just would have known
  3. Sup! Old Clan from Classic Bartz Server back then recruiting German People on Talking Island Server for some Action. Of course we are also recruiting english speaking Dudes. ;P we are just a little Team but we got every buff we need. PM FOR MORE INFO !