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  1. Hey guys im playing in giran server and i just get an Maestro Mold. how much it value? im needing a good gear and im trying to get good adena to do it. anyone know the price of it? Maestro Mold.
  2. hello everybody... i was reading the saviors update notes here. and reading the comments, i read about many playing leaving the server, and something about Pay to win... why is it pay to in? it is real real bad? im a noob, i dont know nothing i just want to understand what is happening...not defending anyone. ty, Kytta!
  3. When i say 70+ players i mean in quantity not in LEVEL number...
  4. Hello im Kytta... I am playing on the giran server, as future warlord ... I am beginner in the game, and for the first time official L2 game. I've always played private and easy servers, but for the first time I experience a true sense of a great RPG game. But I'm disappointed ... I was doing raid boss (low level) with some players who were recruiting 70+ players to do with them. and they always leave the loot in the "Loot Leader". take the whole loot, make on average 20 RB per day. They say that in the end they will share with the party leaders. and in the end they only litter the
  5. I d'like to know if i was banneD? i cannot log in and if i was banned u L2staff dont send no messenge or nothing to inform me of this
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