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  1. Has anyone else noticed you can't PK a lot of the botters? They are hacking so that they take zero damage. Lol.... Wtf. Can we get some bans already. I recorded some video of me endlessly shooting and using abilities on these low bots and they take no damage. Ridiculous.
  2. "too strict with bots" is laughable.... My friend also got banned for using third party botting software which was not the case. He did not use any 3rd party software and was no different to any one else running multiple boxes. Ncsoft refused to undo the ban. That said, I can't walk through a zone without seeing a dozen bot parties running around for hours. You can easily identify bot parties by how they behave. I like to do what I call bot fishing. You pull agro on their targeted mob and watch the entire train chase after it for a good 5 minutes before it drops target finally. Their software
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