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    hi everyone - im lvl 92 iss dominator my question is = from internet l2wiki I read -saw buffs from dominator is for entire clan like example - horn frenzy ; harp frenzy ;lute frenzy etc........ i am now 92 but from learn skills and skilled learned i don't seee any buffs like that only buffs I seee and learn is like other iss hierophant doomcryer muse etc....like horn melody drum melody etc.... am I missing something or or the buffs wil be unlocked at centen lvl ???????
  2. XP System for WYNN!

    drag the attack icon of the pet or pet skills in ur macro and drag ur macro saved into the new UI macro interface
  3. Live Server Update: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

    hi everyone - don't we need to download like xxxGB ????? I knew back in time in 2004 ---->xxxx. when harbringers of war upgraded to age of splendor I needed like more then 8 hours update .........
  4. is there a confirmation about items being destroyed ?????? only way find out is I guess try ur self with low lvl toon ...............
  5. hi , I hope anyone could help me with this weird issue i have 2 computer build exactly same with 27 inch monitor hard ware al same including graphic card os windows 10 updates driversnetc..... but today I saw on my other screen that I could zoom out more then the other screen and is is a big dffrnc . does anyone knows how this can be ? or do I have to hold a key or activate a key on keyboard so I could zoom out more ??
  6. just built the 2 comp special for l2 nostalgia -- part of my life when i was young - alot of memory -gustin- EA age - zerg…… etc....-2004-2011 ----2018 ---> til i die ??? lmao my setup for my 2 comp 2x cpu = i7 -8700k 2x memory =16gb 3200mhz 2x graphic=gtx 1070 ti asussu strix 2x motherboard = assus maximus x code semi water cooling 2x case nzxt 700i 2x gaming monitor "27 AGON 144mhz (lmao) 2xsharkoon keyboard with WTF fancy light + mouse with same blablablabla windows 10 64bits very happy with this setup ……………...