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  1. A XIGNCOD3 update will be applied to the servers. Does it help anything? im asking bcz all low lv zones and all prof Q zones are flooded with bots that i cant even get mob for profesion Q
  2. What files does XIGNCODE3 scan/log/record? When certain conditions are met, the files will be added into the checklist for XIGNCODE3 to scan, log, and record. The certain conditions here is referred to the malicious programs that are registered in the XIGNCODE3 database. The only reason for accessing the data is to check and determine whether the relevant file is a normal file or not. If the conditions are met or the file seems suspicious, a part of the file data (one-way hash value and the file name) can be recorded as a log and also transferred if necessary, but in a form that the original file cannot be recognized. Similar to an anti-virus program scanning for a virus, the sole purpose is to only check the structure of the file and no other reasons apart from it. Apart from the one-way hash value and the file name, XIGNCODE3 does not collect the data of the whole file nor does it transfer the whole file to other external servers.
  3. Can someone explain what he say?