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  1. Ugh. Let the man figure it out for himself. You told him loop macro and CDL once. I am not saying don't help. but if this is stuff you should figure out by yourself.
  2. how to multibox?

    sometimes launcher gets stuck in the background press ctrl alt del close task
  3. Fix auto target please

    After update autotarget is slow again. Please fix this!!!!!
  4. AMD 5700/5700XT Support

    I've wanted to buy this card but it seems it doesn't work with L2. If the newest drivers work please post it here. I can't seem to find much info online apart that its a DirectX 9 issue.
  5. anyone tested this?
  6. Is the gludio server dead or I'm just low lvl

    w what does this mean to you
  7. Baium spawn inside Giran

    Well if its that easy expect it to happen every day now.... Heck now even I am tempted to try it! (Obvious joke, ofc I would never )
  8. Cloth pieces - are you serious?

    A couple months back cloth pieces went for 8-15kk max. If I knew that prices would skyrocket I would have bought a bunch.
  9. Baium spawn inside Giran

    But how is it possible to pull Baium to town? And if its done without hacking and within the confines of the game, why did Juji have to intervene and asks for the one behind this? Ffs, maybe NC staff was bored AF and they were playing truth or dare in the office. How else would we see GM in game at just the right time? I say it was an inside job PS; We need video footage of Juji one shotting baium pls
  10. Give us EVENT

    We need ; cloth pieces ; evo stones and much more i cant remember right now
  11. fishing bait

    They screwed us up good. I mean, its good for balancing, but it came at the worst time for me and I think with no announcement? From 500 daily to 1000 weekly is a huge difference. Couldn they have made it like after 5 hours of total fishing or something?
  12. Hero Weapon Exchange Ticket

    It clearly says lvl 54 though
  13. @Juji @Hime Are mysterious soulshots tradeable with the new SS? If so, which mysterious shots should we trade our Soulshot tickets from the event for? Which one is most worth it?