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  1. So no macro?

    Okay but at least you can work around it by using an extra toon thats sitting down and picking targets. the group heal/group buff that you talk about can be assigned to anyone else in party;

    No way because I have paid for my 50% exp rune
  3. https://secure.avaaz.org/en/community_petitions/ncsoft_restore_lineage_2_classic/details/ I made a petition on avaaz!!! What else can we do?????
  4. Dear juji and hime!!!!

    Exactly!!! What is going on? What is the company's motivation
  5. I had to do my part and create this thread. I can not see the reasoning behind this update. It seems people are so disheartened with the situation they don't feel like posting about it. This has to be one of the worst video game updates in gaming history. We cannot buff our characters. We cannot auto assist. this is the worst thing that has ever happened. We have gotten used to auto macro buffing and now it is all taken away....
  6. So no macro?

    Yes please . I am trying to understand the logic of this update but I cant.
  7. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    You can't expect GM's to respond to this clutter of dozens of different opinions about what should change. Of course I want some things to change. For example. Yes I agree that elemental zones are impossible to farm with no income (after 80+ especially) But maybe there is a reason it is like that. Maybe we are not supposed to farm there so often. We can voice our concerns tidy in different threads titled about a specific issue. This is just nagging about so many things. Also. I am waiting to see the update with my own eyes. Then maybe I will agree if its crap. Also about mats recipes not being tradeable to grocery.... Its not that big of a deal. Like, if u farm for long periods in low lvl areas u get some gear D C grade which sells for much more than mats and recs.
  8. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    What Im saying is; We havent SEEN the update with our own eyes. How can you be so judgemental towards something you don't even know how it actually feels/looks/applies to game. Just based on some patch notes that NCSoft put on google translate that not even they can understand 100% what they are saying. ---- What does broken non existent economy mean? Every server has unique economy that varies across time depending on various things, namely events. I got to lvl 81 with sealed dark crystal robes. of course some classes might be more dependent on the unsealed effects. i wasnt. already was super fast. -what 4.5 billion?? my a dc robes cost me 30 mil. I was lucky with the event and got 5x cloth piece. But unsealing is not even necessary. So I see you speak about gearing up a whole party with A armor. Well you arent supposed to do that. Thats end game content right there. A whole party with A grade at once??? This is what B grade and enchant scrolls are for. And lets say i had to pay for my cloths. thats ~50kk times 7, thats 350kk, so around 400kk for unsealed A armor. With a lot of work u can make that kind of money either with farming for long times, or actually investing in the market. You don't have to spend a dime. Just Buy low and sell high. Jesus. We all know this. You can still get quivers for 10-20-30 million. If you keep stuff like this until say April, or June, they price will be tripled or even more. B grade quiver can go for 100+ million. etc etc... when event happens u have to take advantage of people selling cheap items and hoard them so u sell them when prices go up. I didnt say anything about you not playing the game. What I am saying is that there ARE people who do all this stuff with a lot of hard work using their MINDS and actually HAVING FUN while doing it and not complaining all the time on the forums like you people do. Also, me asking for something from admins is my freedom of expression and is in no way related to what we are talking about here. This thread is just constant nagging and crying. Why is nobody excited about the new interface changes? I honestly am. I like it when we see updates like that since it feels like a breath of fresh air.
  9. Hello my dear moderators I was just thinking how much I and many others would love some Sayha or other good scrolls for free! I can do all the fetch quests in the world. I can go around all aden on foot. Heck, I can go around all aden walking! For a juicy reward like 100 sayha scrolls, I would do anything!!! Even a 5-part quest that needs 3 days to complete. Daily quest, or once every six months? Once a year? It's all okay! Whatever!!! Just give me some of these dam good scrolls!!!
  10. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    I don't see anything wrong with new patch notes and I just think everyone here is salty because the game is hard and needs responsibility as far as spending, maybe thats whats getting in peoples heads. We haven't even SEEN the new interface changes. How can everyone cry so much? Really this thread just makes me cringe very bad... Try to strategize your economies and don't overindulge in needless spending and play the game by your own rules. You can make anything happen be it sustained economy farming, marketing items for profit, getting a good enough rank without third party software, working for the gear you want without giving money to bot farmers. And if you want proof, just look in the game. These people are having fun playing the game, you won't find them complaining here on the forums.
  11. People say "...get to 40 in a few hours..."

    Amazing. Im out of words. What is your star sign? This is exactly what was going through my head today. But after a couple of days of messing with that many chars something clicked in my head. I heard a voice that said; "Having one of every character geared and leveled up is a fantasy that has no basis in logic." so now im trying to focus on less and less boxes.
  12. PS: 30 DAY AND 7 DAY STACK I do not know about 50% 7 day and 200% 7 day. Caution
  13. StanxFZ 50 and 200 stack. 50 and 100 stack. 100 and 200 dont stack THANK YOU NCSOFT FOR QUICK TECH SUPPORT !!!! my issue was resolved!
  14. Runes

    Why do you disrespect my existance and don't reply to the thread I opened? Am I a joke to you?