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  1. Abnormal amount of disconnects

    Have you seen the fix I posted on Classic Server Report A bug?
  2. Everyone who farms in this game is using 3d party software. How can I compete with the inferior AutoHunt when the mobs are scattered all over and the farming is super slow. Why can't you make it like 4game where mobs are in groups everywhere?
  3. Time to fix hunting zones mobs?

    I thought you were telling this to me as if these options were added to the new update, then I thought to myself, oh of course not LOL!
  4. After last patch Im having disconnects about once per day, its really annoying, is it server issue or what?
  5. Hello dear staff Weve gone great lengths to make the game better, but the exp in 9 people party is insanely low, now with client limit, Its not easy to have multiple parties A 9 people party is exping so slow I will be bald until it reaches level 80. Please do something, I really like this game, but consider fixing this because it feels like I am stuck in a loophole NO EXP GAIN, 1 death = lose all progress (thank god we have no exp loss event now) and also Vip 8 + have like 500 Brez in their inventory, but I get 1 every day because im VIP 6 Im not asking for more Brez, but please at least make everything else worth it, fix the exp for 9 people party
  6. Go to Control Panel - > Network and Internet -> Network Connections Right click ethernet adapter -> Properties -> Configure untick box "Allow computer to turn off this device to save power" Done https://help.theatremanager.com/installing-theatre-manager/disable-power-saving-ethernet
  7. Little Pig Little Pig LET ME IN!

    Did you try the nutcase fix?
  8. Disconnects every 24/h

    Whats more important now is if it helped anyone else, after I changed this setting I haven't got any disconnect, anyone else? If it actually is a fix we should pin it somewhere so people can see.
  9. Disconnects every 24/h

    Dude I literally said turn off --> allow computer to turn of this device to save power now if you wanna keep dragging this feel free But dont put words on my mouth. I never said DISABLE ETHERNET. Freaking ROFL!!!
  10. Disconnects every 24/h

    And I didnt have to change my language to show you Actually thats the reason I did not upload pics in the first place cuz my win is another language but now with yours for reference, my pics make sense i think Its the same as you just click properties instead of disable the adapter, LOL
  11. Disconnects every 24/h

    Hhahahahahahaha its very funny cuz you just trolled yourself!!! Look at white I write! I say the word PROPERTIES twice. 2 times I say the word properties. Then I say to click on advanced. You really want me to do this? https://prnt.sc/trafph https://prnt.sc/trag3g https://prnt.sc/tragix I honestly felt very bad for this but you asked for it twice
  12. Disconnects every 24/h

    From reading your post I get feelings of disgust and hatred. Your ignorance makes me feel angry and resentful. ITS NOT DISABLE ETHERNET, ITS DISABLE ENERGY SAVING ETHERNET https://filestore.community.support.microsoft.com/api/images/564c1d04-f8ec-4656-8c6a-63dcc197cb35?upload=true This pic is the only big enough I could find for your lazy-eye ass to see, its for USB but the same option exists under Ethernet adapter
  13. Disconnects every 24/h

    UPDATE It seems I MAY have found a possible cause Windows 10 Network Settings Adapter Properties Ethernet Properties Advanced Turn off ---> Allow computer to disable this device
  14. Disconnects every 24/h

    Hello I tried to gather some information from other players. It seems for some Windows Updates play a role, I had win 10 update 2004 not installed yet so I did that
  15. Disconnects every 24/h

    For how long do I have to endure this? I just came home, everything is fine, now I have to leave and everything is disconnected. @Juji@Hime I never ask for you personally but we cannot play the game if we stay logged in, how do you expect us, to play and pay for this game when we keep getting disconnected, we please ask you if the server is A OK for everyone else at least let us know its our ISP or routers fault, but right now we don't know and it seems it is a server issue Please help us, thanks
  16. Disconnects every 24/h

    Now its getting WORSE!!! Im trying to login and I get DC!!! Then I try again to log in and after a bit DC AGAIN!!!! NC do something!!! Whats going on??????!!!!!
  17. Bots outside Gludio

    Juji can you come paralyze the characters forever? and make them statues like a memorial to the bots when Juji came and froze them
  18. Disconnects every 24/h

    It seems to be better for me. If it was not server related could have been a possible Sci Ops attack ony my database.
  19. Disconnects every 24/h

    Ok this is getting ridiculous, I CANT STAY ONLINE FOR 1 h I have to keep relogging, we need some help @Juji
  20. Trade Scams in Giran town

    How I don't understand how can someone know when you are trading and trade you? and this happened so many times? why never happen to me?
  21. Top grade LS & 200 gem A

    ah you done goofed!
  22. L2 Coin drop reduction

    +1 to fix Lcoin But Im against VIP tier on Lcoin . If u fix lcoins for vip 0, then do whatever for vip 10.
  23. Im 84 level and I farm with pony buff sws and bd, if i kick them whats the point? ill probably die. Whats WC? I farm it from Ketras Commander in ketra orc outpost
  24. Hello players, I have been trying to farm DC fragments but my main is vip 6 and boxes vip 0 so I dont get benefit If you have a VIP 10 dd, I can clear out the area and you kill with VIP 10 char the mob that drops the piece and we get the drops by turn. Just shared an idea
  25. kicking the buffers is super tedious if not impossible without forbidden software