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  1. Did not send since disqualified (no nametag) Forgot to send this one Gratz on the winners!!! and nice pics on this thread
  2. Hello I like the changes. I notice a minimal amount of players hunting in those areas. I believe that is because the mobs are aggressive. It makes setting up a party much more difficult. I personally dont mind, since I like the challenge. But if you want more people to farm there removing aggressive mobs would be a game changer.
  3. well they did it to abandoned camp like 2 years ago, why not at the high level areas? Also..... why de nerf forgotten island and giants cave? nobody farmed there during event, even less will farm now
  4. Hello, 3 days ago I purchased 1600 Ncoin from you with paypal, I got the receipt on my email and everything. But NCOIN did not come. I proceeded to buy NCOIN again and it worked. I send ticket and got no reply. But on other tickets I send I got reply very quickly. Can I have my 20$ back pls?
  5. Fresh L2 Classic Server ???

    Get out of our forums if you are not interested in this game. We dont have to see yours or anybody elses irrelevant negativity. We play here and have fun. You can come and play as well and even complain. But coming to a games forum u dont even play and talk crap?
  6. Just wanted to say thank you to our wonderful GM's for helping us out with good adena drop, no exp loss, item/spoil drop, and exp/sp boost! And no p2w event! Definitely a step in the right direction. Now let's hope things will only get better from now on
  7. Thank you Hime We love you!!!
  8. Until a few months ago I could at least advertise the server even though noone in his right mind would join this server when he plays xx illegal servers. Everybody knows there are event items you can get only through donating money, how does that sound appealing to anyone other than someone who has money to waste? The game with these rates has basically become an 24/7 afk exp game and why would anyone want his hardware running 24/7 for a 16 year old game not being able to play other modern games and basically wasting our computers power. NCSoft needs to give people reasons to join this game. Right now it seems there is no intentive to do so. Just to milk existing customers since you know that they cant quit after spending 5k+ on a char and if they do, someone else will come to take their place. This feels less and less like a game. Right now I don't feel like advertising the game, how can I welcome someone here when I know he will have so much trouble for something that doesnt feel worth it in the end (80+ farming) Two words describe what the game needs ; Quality Content

    Thats me and I have water lvl 3 +9 , and Aquarius +6
  10. Server Fix !

    Please make Attribute Master Mobs drop Elemental Stones because now only way to get them is through RB that needs 50+ people or through RNG boxes.
  11. Hello. Lately I've been using a lot of (all) my time and energy farming in lower level zones 40-50 and I have NOTHING out of it, no adena, no drops, only trash, u cant sell on NPC anymore, This is just not realistic how are we supposed to have adena???
  12. Hello! I think a great way to deal with economy problems would be to add adena drop to all Attribute Zones (Wall of Argos, Forge of the Gods, etc) since most people farm there and it simply is impossible to farm there with ss if you don't have some sort of income and even if you have parties on lvls 40-50 farming adena they make barely enough money for 1 days worth of ss for your main char in 1 week. PS: If you plan to actually do this, make it like ridiculous. You like big changes, give us smth like this for a change. Make each mob drop at least 5k adena. Or heck throw an event where each mobs dfrops 50-100k adena or smth. You make surreal choices all the time why not something that can actually help us players???? Thanks ~ nut
  13. Mob teleport messes up Macro (Cruma 2 Perum)

    Current workaround is using Stun on all toons , although it will still fail sooner or later
  14. Hello. Another post has been made about this issue. It now appears that Autohunt does not get disabled after teleport. But macro assist stop working properly. The icon in skillbar appears selected (rightclicked) but the character is not picking up targets.
  15. Please someone who thinks himself smart answer me this simple question. What is the reason for this change?
  16. I believe that the current system went fine for 1.5 years but it seems to me that only the whales will be left on the server. I would find it much more fair if you could get event items through quests with proper complexity and execution so that they cant be abused (and not really worth it if you have the money to spend) and maybe even with certain limits. But right now a new player comes in. How can he compete against someone who has: pendant, fate tali, 5 agathions, cloak, hat, aden tali, etc etc???? buying from other players is impossible since the good items go for insane prices only a whale/botter could buy. It just feels sad that this server has so much potential for a fair game to everyone but it just seems to become more and more like a repulsive phone game.
  17. Asking for tips

    Hey! Look for me in Giran server. You can see my name in world chat often. Mages are the best option. You don't have to go pony. Ponies have an advantage as PK Chars and in some situations like Siege but they are not the only good class. Now as a dd, Hell Knights seem a good option and u will have an easier time lvling up with the panther. Other than that its up to you
  18. So no macro?

    Okay but at least you can work around it by using an extra toon thats sitting down and picking targets. the group heal/group buff that you talk about can be assigned to anyone else in party;
  19. You can still do it. try it.
  20. https://secure.avaaz.org/en/community_petitions/ncsoft_restore_lineage_2_classic/details/ I made a petition on avaaz!!! What else can we do?????

    No way because I have paid for my 50% exp rune
  22. I had to do my part and create this thread. I can not see the reasoning behind this update. It seems people are so disheartened with the situation they don't feel like posting about it. This has to be one of the worst video game updates in gaming history. We cannot buff our characters. We cannot auto assist. this is the worst thing that has ever happened. We have gotten used to auto macro buffing and now it is all taken away....
  23. Dear juji and hime!!!!

    Exactly!!! What is going on? What is the company's motivation
  24. So no macro?

    Yes please . I am trying to understand the logic of this update but I cant.
  25. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    You can't expect GM's to respond to this clutter of dozens of different opinions about what should change. Of course I want some things to change. For example. Yes I agree that elemental zones are impossible to farm with no income (after 80+ especially) But maybe there is a reason it is like that. Maybe we are not supposed to farm there so often. We can voice our concerns tidy in different threads titled about a specific issue. This is just nagging about so many things. Also. I am waiting to see the update with my own eyes. Then maybe I will agree if its crap. Also about mats recipes not being tradeable to grocery.... Its not that big of a deal. Like, if u farm for long periods in low lvl areas u get some gear D C grade which sells for much more than mats and recs.