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  1. Hello dear staff

    Weve gone great lengths to make the game better, but the exp in 9 people party is insanely low,

    now with client limit, Its not easy to have multiple parties

    A 9 people party is exping so slow I will be bald until it reaches level 80.

    Please do something, I really like this game, but consider fixing this because it feels like I am stuck in a loophole


    NO EXP GAIN, 1 death = lose all progress (thank god we have no exp loss event now)

    and also

    Vip 8 + have like 500 Brez in their inventory, but I get 1 every day because im VIP 6

    Im not asking for more Brez, but please at least make everything else worth it, fix the exp for 9 people party

  2. And I didnt have to change my language to show you


    Actually thats the reason I did not upload pics in the first place cuz my win is another language but now with yours for reference, my pics make sense i think


    Its the same as you just click properties instead of disable the adapter, LOL

  3. On 28/7/2020 at 6:38 PM, HarryV said:

    So you disable your computer from using Ethernet connection? :D You have to be connected to internet in some other way then (Wi-Fi e.g.). This "solution" cannot work on computers where Ethernet is your only way to internet ... If you have multiple internet connections and you think the problem is caused because of this, try disable other devices (like Wireless adapter etc.) and leave your Ethernet be (I suppose Ethernet to be your "strongest" connection).

    From reading your post I get feelings of disgust and hatred.

    Your ignorance makes me feel angry and resentful.



    This pic is the only big enough I could find for your lazy-eye ass to see, its for USB but the same option exists under Ethernet adapter

  4. For how long do I have to endure this? I just came home, everything is fine, now I have to leave and everything is disconnected.



    I never ask for you personally but we cannot play the game if we stay logged in,


    how do you expect us, to play and pay for this game when we keep getting disconnected,

    we please ask you if the server is A OK for everyone else at least let us know its our ISP or routers fault, but right now we don't know and it seems it is a server issue

    Please help us, thanks


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