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  1. They screwed us up good. I mean, its good for balancing, but it came at the worst time for me and I think with no announcement?


    From 500 daily to 1000 weekly is a huge difference. Couldn they have made it like after 5 hours of total fishing or something?

  2. Macro afk is a dream. You need good gear, good farm location, without buffs its even more of a pain. You basically need many players.

    I've died way to many times as a mage trying to figure this crap out and it just doesnt work, or wastes to much SS. Without SS its impossible, maybe only if I had TOP ++ gear something could happen.

  3. Dude, I thought it was really straight forward but I will be a kind fellow and help you out.

    Remember the last quest? Where did you finish it.... It was an NPC called Captain Bathis in Town of Gludio. That NPC now has a glowing scroll over his head. Talk to him and click the next quest. Boom. You now can go to level 30 in 1 day. 

    Open NC Store. Go to "EVENT" tab. Check the Newbie package once per account. Open it. Now you have a 30 day OP weapon. Make the most of this month to get some money farming and buy a D grade weapon either from an NPC or private store. You should figure the rest out for yourself. Every day you will learn something new.

  4. Truth be told, there is some good in the servers that's why we keep playing.

    It seems the latest event failed. The fate boxes, everyone got invested. I bought 2 special packs myself.

    But now with the hardin's bags...I don't see them around at all!!! Very scarcily and it seems in order to get something of value you need to invest a fortune and even then its not a good choice for someone born unlucky like me.

    Maybe this will put some thought in the devs (probably not, since they stil made money even though the event failed, just not as much as with the talismans of fate) and we get to see an appropriate event next time, like Oriana's lucky draw (which I saddly wasn't paying much attention to at that time)

  5. Why are you doing this to me? 

    I'd rather have .... single digit adena drops. 

    I'd rather have..... never kamael update

    just not this....

    Why not a mount update??? Why am I afraid this is a one year recreation of how LIVE turned to shiet in a decade.

    It's going to be the same thing. What's the point of calling it classic.... 

    What's next? Mentor/mentee crap?? That's the reason I stopped playing years back.

    I got into it again because I loved C4 with all my heart. Of course I keep going, and never give up....But when will this stop? It's gone too far...

    I spend 3 days doing 2nd class transfer quest a few months back..now people do it with one click....

    what is this? Transformations...we already have symbols. talismans. gems. We don't need no transformation crap.


  6. Yes, it seems there is a mutual understanding between top clans. These events are an opportunity for people to play marketing simulator.

    But on the other hand, this is part of the game. I ve been playing since last year, events where happening and I didn't even have a clue. I made all my adena by farming and selling mats. But when you move up in the game you get to be the one invested in marketing and these tactics. You don't even have to be high level to do it, It's just a different kind of game play. For me I'd rather have half a million adena in my inventory and keep farming than logging 10 accounts every day to make private stores and check prices.

    But wait...is it a coincidence that we get constant spam from adena sellers? 

    Is it a coincidence that they made lvling to 20 lvl super easy? So adena sellers can whisper players and no action is taken? 

    I don't enjoy seeing the mail icon flash only to be another adena promotion.

    I keep blocking these genericly named bot chars but every day new ones keep spamming my game.

    One could assume that there has been a few contracts made... Some people are working from the ease of their home. Who knows, maybe they are someone's son or niece, and they said hey kid about that job problem.... You wanna stay in the basement...Well you have to use your laptop to watch pornography now son, your Gaming PC will be running a 2004 MMROPG every day and you get your pocket money we get the numbers.

    Because which real gamer would spend their game time on private stores?



  7. Im not the type that complaints BUT this is CUSTOMER feedback.

    * We got no proper warning that the XP scrolls will be removed. I am another fellow who didn't use his XP scrolls because I didn't know I wouldn't be able to use them.

    * We don't know about the Red Ticket rates for different quest levels. Are higher lvl Libra Supply boxes more likely to give Red tickets?????

    Thats all..... Id REALLY like to know about no. 2

  8. This game shouldnt have hand holding. Open your Mark of Journey and it says right there....not something youre looking for? Check the Teleport levels... 


    If I tell you were I farm everyone will go there and I like being lonely.... :P

  9. Im farming for a wep recipe (secret :P)

    2 days now and no luck. 

    Funny thing is, I have VIP 4 but the way this is put, its much easier for me to use my vip 4 60 char to clear other mobs and use my 40 lvl char from VIP 0 account to fight 40lvl mob.

    If I had another 60 Char in other account, I would have used that char to fight mobs around and use my VIP4 35lvl char to fight 40lvl mob for a 50% increase...

    Is it worth it? This 50% VIP increase, should I keep trying with VIP 0 char to drop the recipe??

    Sorry this is confusing, but Im burned out

  10. Of course I am accepting offers...I really want to get these off my hands... I wanted to try my luck for once with the event...and now im out of money and with only 1kk adena on my char...so consider this charity...helping a fellow player....

  11. I tested equipping 2 talismans of fate, one lvl 3 and one lvl 1 +6

    They stack fine, but after some time or a TP, only one of them is applied. And I have to reequip them for both of them to work. I could take pictures but I suggest you try to recreate this.